Sarah Explains the Finer Sport

The Finer Sports Have Moved!

By srasher
Dec. 23, 2016

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

You might have noticed that this blog has been quiet for a few weeks. I've been busy elsewhere - Twitter, Tumblr, another guest appearance at The Judges' Table - and watching a lot of skating, but I haven't been blogging. Partially, that was because of work commitments that forced me to backburner my hobbies, but mostly, it's because I'm moving on from SportsBlog to a domain of my own. Just in time for me to wax lyrical about Russian and Japanese Nationals, I'm proud to announce that . . . is live!

I'll still bring all the sarcasm, statistical analysis, and rapturous adoration you've come to expect, mostly about figure skating but with forays into other sports and the occasional off-topic musings. I'll keep the SportsBlog site up as long as they'll let me, although I'll gradually copy my old posts to the new domain. I hope you'll follow me to my new internet home, and keep on reading and sharing!

See you at!