If I Were Jerry Jones, I Would Start...???

Should the Cowboys go with Romo or keep it safe with the Dak Attack?

The Dallas Cowboys are having a season to remember. Tony Romo however, might be having one to forget. While his “team” sits pretty at 8-1, he is on the sideline. Prescott shined in the pre-season but no one expected him to see any actual minutes this season. That was true, until Romo faced a back injury. That injury would end up requiring Romo to miss a significant amount of time and force Prescott to become the starter.

[If I were Jerry Jones, I would start....???]

A move that made the whole NFL overlook this little Cowboy team. Week one went just as most fans thought it would. The Cowboys lost 20-19 to the New York Giants. A team that is now looking decent at 5-3. Prescott completed over 50% of his passes and threw for 227 yards. Decent game right? Well, not exactly. Overall yes, but Prescott failed to throw a touchdown pass. Not just that, he failed to get his team a touchdown. The blame wasn’t all on him though. A lot of it ended up coming down on the Cowboy defense.

It didn’t take long for the fourth rounder from Mississippi State to find the end zone. He would rush for a touchdown in week two. Dak lead the Cowboys to a 27-23 victory over the Washington Redskins. Thus, the Dak Attack was upon us.

In week three, Prescott would throw for a touchdown and run for one. The Dak Attack beat a crummy Chicago Bear team 31-17. Prescott would finish with an 80% completion rate, 250+ yards and accounted for two touchdowns.

Dak Prescott has undoubtedly been amazing for the Cowboys. The most impressive thing about Dak though isn’t his stats, it is his lack of interceptions thrown. He has thrown just two interceptions in nine games. That might be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions his rookie season.

Tony Romo is practicing and active but does he start? No, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett came to the conclusion of chemistry and that is, you don’t mess with it. Jones previously released a statement that basically said Tony Romo would be the starter when healthy. Well, now that Prescott has been playing like a league MVP and he has his team 8-1. It’s difficult to go in and mess with what you have going. An example would be benching Dak Prescott for Tony Romo. Romo then goes in and throws a couple interceptions. Then what do you do? Do you bring in Prescott? If you bring in Dak, are you giving up on Romo? If you don’t start Romo then are you going to let him walk? These are all very serious problems the Cowboys are facing. Now this is a good problem to have but it’s a challenging one to get right.

After the Cowboys five point victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday evening, Romo shook hands with Jerry Jones. Romo said to Jones, “Dak is the man.” Jones gave a smile back and mouthed something back at Romo. Jones later called Romo and informed him that he would be QB #2 in week 11.

I know everybody has always said that you shouldn’t lose your job due to injury, but it’s happened before. Examples: Drew Brees to Philip Rivers, Drew Bledsoe to Tom Brady, Ron Jaworski to Randall Cunningham, Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick, Joe Montana to Steve Young, and many more.

The fact of the matter is, that the NFL is a business. Just like anything else in this world, it’s all about the cash. In this case, it’s all about the WIN’s and Jerry Jones doesn’t care who is getting them. In the fair world, Tony Romo would get his job back when fully healthy but in the REAL world, Prescott would remain the starter.

If I were Jerry Jones, I would start Dak Prescott. I know that Romo has been great and what he has done is amazing. However, what Dak Prescott has been doing is beyond amazing. Prescott looks to be the next big thing and the future of the Cowboys. Tony Romo looks to be the past of Dallas. It’s a cold hard world and Romo is dealing with it. Most likely, Romo would be doing the same stuff had he been healthy. It’s a tough decision and there’s really no way to win. If you decide to start Dak Prescott then some people will say that it’s un-fair to lose a job because of an injury but if you start Romo then others will say not to mess with a good thing. At least Jones will be able to rest easy knowing that his team is a playoff team and a super bowl candidate.

If you were Jerry Jones, what would you do? Who would you start? How would you go about the situation?