NBA: Nike to bring changes to the league?!

With the NBA switching their jersey manufacturer from Adidas to Nike next season, it looks like one of the biggest talking point of the league will be lost, sleeved jerseys.

After selling poorly and being generally disliked by the players, Nike stated that 'they don't plan to produce sleeved jerseys' as the company is gearing up to present it's initial NBA designs to retailers soon, so it appears the Adidas idea of creating extra advertising space is to also disappear.

Although that may not have been the main idea for sleeved jerseys, adverts are coming to the NBA, but should be able to fit on the traditional shapes without any problems.

We won't be seeing any more of this next season!

Personally, I quite like SOME of the sleeved jerseys, it gave average joe's who aren't so happy with themselves physically an alternative to the cut-offs and bare arm situation, as well as cutting out the potential need for an undershirt.

In addition to this, sleeved jerseys had some awesome designs, and that's what I'll miss the most.