Players I Want to Own Too Much, Edt. 2

By JCMcLaughlin
Jan. 06, 2018

Michael Pineda. Looking at Pineda I was surprised to see that he turns 29 in a few days. That does take some of the shine off of him. But his price is essentially free, if you can afford the roster space. And even then most leagues have some sort of DL spot. If you can acquire him for your last roster spot or at a league min salary and hold him for a year you may end up with a deal.

Pineda will not be helpful this year. He may not be helpful early next year. Heck, if your league is a keeper league you probably have better keeper options. If you are in a dynasty or you keep your entire roster, it's much easier. Then again, he probably isn't free in those leagues.

Regardless, if you have the chance to acquire him cheaply, you should. He might not ever hit his ceiling which, I think, was a legitimate ace. But he has learned to be a viable fantasy rotation option, primarily due tot his Ks. This time last year I profiled him as a sleeper and argued that he has been a victim of bad luck. I still think that was somewhat the case but that, at this point in his career we also might be looking at just what he is: A big K machine.

Grabbing and holding him might give you 200ks in 2019. Heck, it might give you the ace of the twins 2019 rotation. Doubtful, but it could. The Twins do seem to be getting better and provided that holds, he could be in line for some extra wins when healthy. To me, he is often worth the risk. If you don't keep him, then, meh, he took up a DL spot all year and you can cut him then if you get into a DL bind.