Rose Wants to Stay with the Knicks Even After All the Drama

The New York Knicks have caught a break and that doesn't happen often. This blog is called The NBA Circus but the Knicks can probably copyright that phrase for themselves. They have been a mess over the past month and it has been hard to keep up. 

Carmelo Anthony trade rumors were everywhere after the Knicks started to struggle. It didn't help that Phil Jackson wanted to feud with Anthony openly. And then there was the James Dolan and the Charles Oakley saga. Wow, TMZ must have enjoyed past month. 

The Knicks topped that off by trying to trade guard Derrick Rose since he's one of the few players that has played well for the Knicks that the Knicks may want to part with. That would have angered me if I was Rose because the Knicks were trading him even though he has played well for the Knicks and he has told them he plans to stay with the Knicks in the future. Yet that wasn't the case. Rose has said that he wants to remain with the Knicks and if he takes a pay cut, that will be the case.

Can the Knick turn it around is the question everyone is asking and now the question becomes "can the Knicks with Rose?" I don't see why not. He has looked great this season. It is the other players that don't seem to fit well. For example, Joakim Noah. He has played horrible and may has the worst contract in the league. He signed a four year, $72 million contract in the summer and has made the Knicks regret it. He is averaging 5 points per game, 8.7 rebounds this season. Yikes!

Mistakes happen and the Knicks have made a lot of them. Signing Rose will be a great move considering he's played for them and gives them a scoring option that isn't Anthony or Kristaps Porzingis. He may not play like his old self but he is still better than what most former Knicks guards have done over the past decade.