Out of the Mix

Sep. 29, 2016

With the playoffs approaching and the potential for a surprise run in only the second season for NYCFC, as brightly as the light shined on him with his arrival, Mix Diskerud’s rise has quickly faded. Once seen as a rising star for the U.S. national team and a big money signing for our beloved boys in blue, Mix is more often seen on social media, enjoying himself singing to some of his favorite tunes in his car.

To this day I don’t understand the decisions that go into completely leaving a player out of the Mix (pun intended), when I have watched the work rate on the field on game days and haven’t seen a warranted reason why he can’t get some minutes. Watching a player that I am still a fan of so out of the mix has given me the chance to watch a couple of other players like Jack Harrison and Tommy Mac really step it up this year. Maybe with Frank Lampard’s injury, we get to see him get a chance to step up one more time?

The New York spotlight shows no mercy and Vieira has clearly sent a message that his soccer philosophy requires a particular mentality. What will the future hold for him I wonder? Looks like my inaugural season jersey with his name on the back will just become a frame on my wall. I won’t forget Mix scored the first goal in NYCFC history, the start of my new franchise and a real New York team.