Post Match Comments (11/6/16)

Nov. 07, 2016

Following the loss last night several players spoke to the press and gave their thoughts on the big loss to Toronto which ended their season.

Andoni Iraola

"There’s a lot to talk about, they’ve been clearly much better than us, our chances we thought would be much bigger if we scored first, if we put some pressure on them. Once they scored their first and second goal, it was obviously very difficult to turn around and turn around the game but we still at the half wanted to try and play a good 45 minutes but we haven’t been able to."

"They pressed high, the same way they did in the first leg. We’ve taken risks they have two very good forwards. We were defending, especially in the beginning two v two versus them and they’ve (Jozy and Giovicno) made the difference."

On what the plan was coming into this match was:

"Obviously we wanted to score first, put some pressure, make them think more on the defensive side. It’s been quite comfortable for them, they scored one, two, very early. They have a very good team for the counter attack so for them the role of the game was very easy."

"It was they have very good players that made the difference. Obviously if the game is different we can talk about one or two plays and mistakes we’ve done, but at 5-0 it’s obvious that they’ve been clearly much better than us."

RJ Allen:

RJ Allen consoles Ronald Matarrita following NYCFC's playoff elimination.

"Sorry to the fans first and foremost, they were there all year for us and then to go down like that in that kind of way, it’s difficult. It’s difficult for us, I’m sure it’s difficult for them, as players we need to learn from it, we need to be better."

On his overall playoff experience:

"It’s definitely a good stepping stone for our club. We’ve definitely improved from year one to year two but we need to learn from this because at the end of the day it’s about winning silverware and that’s how you’re remembered. My message to the fans is: we’re sorry what happened today and we’re really looking forward for your continued support coming into next season and you guys play a major role and are a major part of this football club."

On missing set pieces early on:

"It’s something we worked on in training, obviously it didn’t come off but we need to be better in those situations as well. We need to make the most out of our set pieces."

Tommy McNamara

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

"Toronto is a very talented team they made it very tough on us, that early goal digs us in a deeper goal and they’re a good team like I said. We’re really disappointed right now but I think when it passes over the next week we can reflect on the entire season. We improved a lot over last year and I expected the same (improvement) for next year."

When the game got out of hand:

"I don’t know… I don’t know… it was what it was, I felt as though we never gave up. We were still fighting for balls, we were trying to get ourselves back in the game, you never know, but credit to Toronto they did a very good job."

Eirik Johansen

Johansen scolds his defense for letting TFC get past them so easily.

On going down so early:

"Obviously it makes it a lot harder, we knew that coming into the game as well. The players they have, they have a very good team, we knew it was going to be hard to keep them off the score sheet. Particularly when they get one that early, it puts everyone down as well. I don’t think we did put our heads down that much, I think we were still fighting but yeah, it was tough today."

On what makes Giovinco so difficult to play against:

“He has a lot of good attributes, he’s very low gravity and he’s very quick, he has sharp turns and it’s hard to keep track of sometimes."

Most goals he’s given up?

"In a professional game? I don’t know, I don’t go around and think about how many goals I concede like that so I don’t know."

Was he surprised with TFC's pressure?

"Not really, it worked before and it unsettled us. Obviously when you have something that works, like that, why go back off and let us back into the game. So that was a tactic that worked for them."

On his second year and starting:

"Coming into the playoffs we didn’t want it to end like this, we didn’t wanted it to end at all. But yeah, it’s been tough at times, obviously I want to play games like everybody else in the team. Finally getting in now, in arguably the three most important games of the season is a testament to my work and how well I’ve done in training I feel like. Conceding five goals is obviously a tough day at work. We’re obviously going to go back and look at everything and analyze and we’ll take it from there."

Khiry Shelton

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

On the loss:

"It’s disappointing, we’re all pretty disappointed but to look on the bright side we did have a good year. We wanted to be better than last year and that was our goal and that’s what we did. We made it to semi’s in the Eastern Conference playoffs and you've got to take a look at what we’ve done over the year and come together and try to be better next year."

On his second year in the league:

"I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned a lot about what I can do on the pitch. I’ve grown as a player and as a person so I’ve become better than I was last year and that’s all I gotta look at and I’ve got to better myself next year."

On what he tried to do coming in as a substitute:

"You always try to change it, and today I can’t say that I changed it but I can say that I feel that I did bring energy to the game. I feel we did have the ball more and that’s something I think I can say. I would have liked to score a couple of goals and help the team win today but it didn’t come off today."

On Toronto's play:

"I feel like the second half we were actually pushing the tempo and we had a lot of the ball. During the first half it was hard for us and when we changed formation we started to attack more and be on the ball more. We started attacking but we couldn’t just put one in."

On his playoff experience:

"There’s always lessons to be learned and that’s what I know most of the guys want to do, myself included, we’re gonna walk away from this, it hurts, it really hurts and we’re going to try and use it as motivation for next year."

David Villa:

"It is a difficult day for us. We had a bad day. All I can say is thank you to the fans and everybody who comes here to help us, we had a difficult challenge at 2-0 but they deserved it. After that of course we say sorry and thank you for the year to the fans and everybody who supported us. If you take all the year (into consideration) we are happy and proud, it is difficult to say today after we lose so bad but we are a team that is only two years old. All of you know what happened in the first year and we’ve improved a lot this year and when you are new in every sport, or in anything in life you need to start humble with a lot of work and day by day things improve, we are happy with our year. It’s difficult to say with the result but we improved and we hope that next year we’re more (improved) than next year and improve again."

On his playoff experience:

"It’s bad, it’s bad because we only played two games. But the experience is bad, we hope that next year we can take the position of fighting for the playoffs and be better than this year throughout the season and we’ll be more ready for a fight in the playoffs."

"I give 100% in every time of my life for NYCFC. Of course I want to score today a hat trick like Giovinco and give the victory to my team but, I couldn’t. I can give 100% and I give it to the team and to the club every day."

On the fans:

"It’s amazing. Today we can say sorry for the way we did in the game but for the whole year, it’s not just today. It’s amazing, the supporters this year. I said it in the speech in the last game of the regular season they’re amazing for us. We are happy, we are proud, we have some of the best supporters in the league and we are only 2 years old."

On roster moves this off season:

"I don’t know, it’s a job of the club, of Claudio (Reyna) and Patrick (Vieira) for sure. I believe in both and in every guy working in the club, they want more than me, for this club to grow, and for sure they will do a very good job for next year. We need to improve. We need to do the job better and now it’s time to rest, of course it’s a lot of time to rest, I hope we train a little bit because two months and a half is a lot until the start of the next season. But we want for the next year to be a better team."

His take on 2016:

"If you take away the two matches (against Toronto) it was a great season, we’re happy. We’re happy to have given all we’ve given. I’ve said it before and it sounds like an excuse so I don’t like to say it but many people see this project, they see City Football Group behind it, they see Pirlo, Lampard, Patrick training us, big players and they think it’s easy. It’s not easy. It's our second year, it’s very difficult coming here, fighting with teams that have been doing this for more than 20 years trying to do the same thing as us. We're happy. Obviously it’s difficult to say today after the performance we had but we’re happy over all with growing the club. The difference with the first year is tremendous and that’s the biggest thing."

On why the defense faltered:

"I said it the day we lost to the Red Bulls and I’ll say it today. When there’s a loss that big it’s difficult to say what happened, it wasn’t just one mistake, they were better than us in everything and that’s it. Congratulations to them and the next game we have we have to try and do better but it’s complicated. If the defense failed, if we scored goals, we wouldn’t have lost 5-0. It was a complete loss."

How does it compare to the 7-0 loss to Red Bulls earlier this year?

"It’s different, today we weren’t playing for three points we played for a result and obviously with 1-0 (down) you could still believe but with 2-0 we felt really down so the team, obviously with the result and the difficulty of the result felt down."

"We tried to press up but really the first goal Giovinco scored hurt us a lot, his individual skill is really good and really we tried to press up the pitch but their defense lobbed the ball up and tried to keep the ball behind us. It was difficult for us to get out of the back and after the first goal we were kind of down."


Both Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo were quick to leave the locker room following the match, none were in a talkative mood following the loss, especially given that they haven't stated their future plans. Lampard's contract expires this year and he already has an offer from the England FA to get his coaching badges. 

Andrea Pirlo stopped to talk to former NYCFC defender Chris Wingert on his way out as the former teammates caught up. When Pirlo was asked if he'd be back next year, he just smiled and said "maybe."

Tony Taylor heads to Panama today to join the national team for their World Cup qualifiers. Ronald Matarrita also heads to Costa Rica to join his national team ahead of World Cup qualifying matches. Maxime Chanot will fly to Luxembourg to join them ahead of their World Cup qualifier as well.

The entire team was in the locker room after the match. Diskerud, Brandt and Gomez were all there trying to cheer up their teammates following the loss.