NFL Week 6 Preview and Picks

By Andrew Walbrown
Oct. 10, 2018

Holy crap we're already to Week 6! Like usual the season is flying by, and with each week we get a better idea of who everyone is in the league. Doesn't Fitzmagic already feel like it happened years ago? Ditto for Miami's 3-0 start. There are some HUGE games coming up this week, so here are my picks for Week 6. Let me know if you disagree, because I know you will!

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (Thursday Night)

Let's be honest, Philly looks pretty middling this year. But despite their problems, very few people believe the Giants are a better team. QB? Eagles. O-line? Eagles. Coaching? Eagles. Defense? Giant Eagles. Typically I take the home team in this situation, but Philly and New Jersey are so close that it isn't a tough trip to the Meadowlands, so both teams have roughly the same amount of time to prepare. This is a big game for both teams that historically are pretty close contests, and because of that I'm taking the better overall team.

Winner: Philadelphia

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is completely different offensively at home as opposed to on the road. And Tampa was laughed off the field in Chicago a few weeks ago. Another huge game for both teams as the division slowly slips away from both. If this game were in Tampa, I'd probably take the Bucs, but Matt Ryan is practically unstoppable at home. Here's expecting the first month off for Jameis will affect him just enough to keep Tampa from winning.

Winner: Atlanta

Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins

Carolina was (as you should know by now) a 63 yard FG away from losing to the Giants at home last week, which isn't a good look. Neither is giving up 30+ points to a dysfunctional offense. Luckily for the Panthers, they play the Redskins this week, who just got shellacked on Monday Night by the Saints. Alex Smith is missing too many throws, or the WRs are running the wrong routes, for me to take the Redskins in this game. Plus Adrian Peterson is questionable with a dislocated shoulder. I imagine Cam and Company control this game on the ground from start to finish.

Winner: Carolina

Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders

A lot of people don't know/don't remember that this used to be a HUGE rivalry when both teams were in the AFC West pre-realignment. The older fans will remember, Jon Gruden may remember, but it has been lost with time. Though they are at 2-3, the Seahawks have been in every game. The same cannot be said for the Raiders. As much as I want to pick the Raiders at home, I don't believe in Jon Gruden. I think the game has passed him up, and hiring him will sink the Raiders for the next decade again. Look for a lot of rushing yards in this one, as I'm sure Beast Mode will want to show his former team that he still has some left in the tank. In the end, the Oakland defense will have trouble keeping their hands on Russell Wilson, as well as stopping a run game that hurt a better Rams defense.

Winner: Seattle

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

The maxim in the NFL is that the team with the better QB will win most games. That's not true all the time, obviously, because in that case the Colts should beat the Jets this coming week. They're just too beat up to do so defensively. They will keep it close, but they'll need a couple picks from Darnold (possible) to do so, and I feel like Todd Bowles will be conservative this week and let the ground game get the job done.

Winner: NY Jets

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

Congrats to the Cardinals on getting their first win. For your reward you get to play the Vikings, who are flying high after beating the Eagles in Philly. The Vikes haven't had the best opening act to the season, but Cousins has been playing out of his mind lately, and Arizona doesn't have the guns to keep up.

Winner: Minnesota

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

For people who didn't watch last week's Bengals/Dolphins tilt, they'll just shrug and go "oh the Bengals are legit this year." And while that may prove to be true, their win over Miami was more because Tannehill had a full blown meltdown in the fourth quarter and gifted the Cincy defense 14 points. Meanwhile Pittsburgh is one of those teams that when things are going right everything is gold, but when stuff starts falling apart they can't get out of the funk. Cincy's defense is suspect enough that I don't see the second part of that statement happening. Methinks we will see a few cheap shots in this game though.

Winner: Pittsburgh

Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns

Fun note: prior to this season, the last time the Browns won a game was on Christmas Eve 2016 against the SAN DIEGO Chargers. God I miss the San Diego team. Speaking of which, these Chargers are pretty damn good and NO ONE is paying attention to them. Meanwhile everyone is watching the Browns this year because of the whole 0-16 thing and Baker Mayfield. Dude's a star already, and looks pretty legit. I think this week will be a learning experience for him, though, as the Chargers defense will rock him a little. On a different note: what's the chances the Browns go to OT again? I'm guessing...yes percent.

Winner: The Ghost of San Diego

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

Admittedly, I haven't watched the Bills this year. So I don't have any real opinions aside from box scores and other people's opinions. I have watched the Texans a few times, and I just think they're a better equipped team than the Bills. Quick, name a Bills receiver. You can't. I'm going to take the home team, with the Watt/Mercilus/Clowney defense, and the better QB and WRs to win this one. Although I think it'll be one of those 12-9 types of games.

Winner: Houston

Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins

We're a long time removed from that famous 1985 game where Dan Marino shredded the best defense ever on Monday Night. The Bears defense this year is pretty good, Miami's offense though? Yeah, not so much. Miami has been better at home than on the road in the Adam Gase era, but it's tough to imagine their offensive line with 4 backups starting being able to contain Khalil Mack and Company. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Winner: Chicago

Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos

Everything about this game says the Rams will blow out the Broncos. They have the better offense, the better coach, and a good defense too. But you know what? I like the home team in this one. It's gonna be loud. It's gonna be cold. The forecast calls for snow. You think a LA team is gonna want to play in that? I don't think so either. Plus, truthfully, the Rams defense has been suspect lately. I'm calling it. This will be the UPSET OF THE SEASON.

Winner: Denver

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

It's going to be another defensive slugfest for both squads, which won't be easy since both are coming off hard fought losses. Both teams are very similar, but I think I like the Ravens offense a smidge more than the Titans. Honestly, could go either way. 50/50 ball on this one.

Winner: Baltimore

Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys

After tough games against the Titans and Chiefs, the Jaguars defense gets to play a team more concerned with playing for ties than wins. Aside from Zeke Elliott, there really isn't much to see with the Cowboys. As long as Bortles doesn't throw another 4 picks (not guaranteed) the Jags should have this fairly easily. Also, fun note: the Jason Garrett era Cowboys are considerably better on the road than at home. Saw that stat on SNF this past week. Strange.

Winner: Jacksonville

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Okay so this is the big one. Everyone will be watching this game. This will be the game that decides whether or not Mahomes and the Chiefs are for real, and ditto the Patriots. The Pats really haven't beaten anyone good, yet everyone is all over them like they're the greatest team to ever play sports ever. And to be quite honest, I think the Chiefs will slaughter the Patriots like they do pretty much every time they play. Look, Andy Reid has Belichick's number nowadays. Not when he was with the Eagles, but with the Chiefs? 2-1. outscoring the Pats 103-68. I see much of the same because I don't think the Patriots are that good this year, although I fully expect the officials to give New England at least 2 TDs in this game through phantom pass interferences or ticky-tack defensive holding calls.

Winner: Kansas City

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

Yet another great rivalry from yesteryear. This game was juicier a few weeks ago when Jimmy G was still around. Let's be real, if he was QB the 49ers would be 3-2 going into this game. But now? It's tough to imagine a CJ Beathard led offense going into Lambeau on Monday Night and beating the GOAT.

Winner: Green Bay