Purdue Football Recruiting Class of 2017

Jeff Brohm's First Football Recruiting Class is in the Books. According to Rivals Recruiting Rankings, Purdue finished at 67th overall and 14th in the Big Ten. Hazell's classes were all in the 70s, with last year's class being 74th, so there is improvement there already. 

Let's take a look at the newest group of Boilermakers!

First up we have Viktor Beach, an Offensive Tackle out of Fort Myers, Florida. Previously committed to UCF, Beach was quoted saying the only thing that would get him to reconsider opening recruiting was if UF gave him an offer. Well, the Gators did. But Jeff Brohm came in to the picture and convinced him to come north. Beach is a 3 star and brings potential as a Day 1 starter at a position of much needed depth.

Next we have Mark Stickford, an 3* Offensive Tackle out of Carmel. Initially recruited by Gerad Parker, it is great to see that he stayed with us, again at such a crucial position of need.

Next is Jacob Abrams, a 2* Cornerback out of Carmel. Abrams is a solid addition at another position of need (technically I would say that all of our positions minus quarterback are positions of need, but I digress). 

Next is Allen Daniels, a 3* Defensive Tackle. Daniels flipped from Appalachian State just two days ago. Good to see us get more depth at the DT spot.

DJ Washington is next. Washington is a 3* Offensive Tackle who comes to us from Louisville. Brohm recruited him at WKU, so it is nice to see him flip over. We have a lot more guys like that to come.

Griffin Alstott is next on the list. Griffin has been committed for a long time (as he should be). We previously wrote an article about him and how he will provide depth at the QB position. 

Derrick Barnes is a 2* ILB out of Louisville who has been committed to Toledo for a long time. Cool to see that Brohm has flipped a lot of guys. It seemed that Hazell struggled in that area. 

Next is Giovanni Hightower - Reviere a 3* DE out of Chattanooga, TN. Another previous WKU commit that flipped at Christmas. 

Dedrick Mackey is a 3* Cornerback out of Miami Florida. Mackey is a great pick up as he had multiple other P5 offers in Wisconsin and Iowa State. Mackey was a Marcus Freeman recruit that we were able to keep on board. While I liked Freeman while he was here, he has been a thorn in our side as of recent, flipping  a lot of his recruits. 

Next is Darius Pittman, a 3* WR/TE out of Bay Saint Louis, MS. Pittman was another WKU flip. According to new TE Tony Levine, we will by running two TE sets a "high percentage of the time". Not to brag, but I won 7 super bowls in a row on Madden 15 running only two TE sets. 

Next is Isaac Zico, a 3* Juco WR out of Villa Rice, Georgia. Zico is a very promising WR and I am very glad to have him on board.

Next on board is Robert McWilliams, a 2* OLB from Miami. Previously committed to FIU, we were able to flip him today. He isn't the only flip from FIU. More to come on that. 

Next is another Juco WR in the form of Terry Wright, a 3* WR from Coffeyville, KS. Wright offers instant talent at a low depth position.

Next on the list is Kenneth Major, a 2* ATH from Hopkinsville, KY. Major is another WKU flip.

Speaking of WKU flips, we have Keyron Catlett, who flipped three days ago. Catlett is a 3* WR out of Hopkinsville, KY. 

Next is NIck Sipe, a 3* QB who has been committed for a while now. Sipe is a great pick up, and reportedly play a role in a few commits decisions to come to Purdue.

Next is Cornell Jones, a ILB  from Miami. He is another FIU flip who we were able to pick up. 

Next we have Kai Higgins, a 2* Juco DE out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. 

T.J. Jallow is a 3* CB out of East Mississippi Community College. Now if you recognize that CC it is because it was the CC featured in Last Chance U, which is a great mini series that is available on Netflix. Jallow is a great addition and I hope he is able to make an instant impact. 

Ethan Smart is a 3* Juco OT from Boonesville, MS. Smart is already enrolled here. You could say he's...Smart. 

D'Jaundrae (DJ) Edwards is next. Edwards is a 3* WR out of West Palm Beach, FL. Edwards is another addition to what appears to be a very strong WR class. 

Next is Jalen Jackson, a 3* OG from Powder Springs, GA. Jackson is a great recruit that can definitely make an instant impact.

Rounding out our WR class is Tyler Hamilton. He is a very talented WR out of Hilton Head, SC who had offers from Arizona, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Wake Forest, and West Virginia. Buy in to the Air Raid people. It's coming.  

Last but not least is Tobias Larry, a 3* OLB from Lakeland, FL. 

Overall the only two possible other commits barring a surprise flip are Mykelti Williams and Corey Winfield who may or may not sign. 

And it looks like that will round out our 2017 Football Recruiting class. Welcome aboard and Let's Play Football!!