Purdue vs Villanova - Predictions

After easily cleaning up a poor McNeese State team the Boilers take the floor this evening with a much greater challenge. Luckily, being that Villanova is Villanova, a negative outcome in this one won't hurt us too much. However, we all want to see our Boilers put away the defending national champions.

What we learned on Friday:

-Biggie is pretty big. Caleb Swanigan already had himself a double-double with ~8 minutes to go in the first half. Yes, you read that right. Despite a slow start with rebounding on both sides for the Boilers, Caleb helped contribute to a rebounding margin of +31.

-We might be able to break a press? The Cowboys tried to set a full court press at one point and the Boilers were able to get out of it. The attempt was not repeated, however. 

-Small schools with one sharp-shooter can be really scary. There was a moment when all of Mackey started having flashbacks to late March. Luckily this did not last and Villanova doesn't fit this bill.

This matchup of the Wildcats and Boilers is a great one. The Wildcats have a more athletic team, especially down low, so expect Isaac to be moving a lot. We will need Caleb's presence down low to be able to compete in this area. Otherwise, the Boilers have all of the pieces to make this exciting!

7 pm, Mackey Arena. Be there and get the app! 



65-64 Purdue


-Boiler up!