Ben Ayres aims for WBPW World Title

By Davage
Nov. 13, 2016

Ben Ayres heads to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling with his sights firmly on claiming the WBPW World Heavyweight Title that sits vacant ahead of the companies first event When World’s Collide. As a power struggle threatens to rip apart the foundations of WBPW, Ben Ayres has not added his name to the long list of men wanting the power.

“Real power comes from wearing the World Heavyweight Title, that is my dream, that is my goal and my passion to be the champion.” said Ayres.

“There are many tough men coming, already ECHO, Smacks, Alpha Breed have declared they’re going to be the men to beat and want power. Power to me is that belt, and I want it.”

“You cannot also forget a man like Triple X Rated, a man with enormous talent, and a tough opponent that is also returning to the Sunshine Coast apart of Wide Bay.”

The man known as The Commando has become a real life GI Joe, a man that has built a reputation as being the hero, a man you can trust and not someone looking to take over. Ayres has his focus firmly on becoming World Champion, a title that he believes he can make prestigious on the Sunshine Coast.

“The Sunshine Coast needs a champion, they need a man that they can look up to and I am that man.” he said.

“What better way to bring prestige to a title than to have me winning it, and proudly showing it off to my fans, the Wide Bay fans and the rest of the Sunshine Coast?”

While we don’t yet know who the men are that are battling for the Title in the first ever Wide Bay Pro Wresting Five Way for the gold match, nor do we know who Ben Ayres will be battling at the event he already has his focus early.

There is already some stiff competition in Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, with ECHO training the house down, Jeremy Smacks lurking around with his eyes on power, titles, and greatness. Aris Legendas looking to prove himself too.

There are other men waiting in the wings to capture the belt as well, another fan favourite Triple X Rated who is headed to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Daniel “Taxman” Payne who carries the Brute Force Title and also the Ultimate Briefcase for a title shot whenever he so chooses.

Everyone is gunning for both the World Title, and also the Briefcase, but they have to go through Daniel Payne to get a chance to get the Ultimate Briefcase, a task that isn’t going to be easy. Payne has said that people are welcomed to try and get the Brute Force Title and Briefcase from him, but they’re going away empty handed and bloodied.

Ayres has hit the ground running ahead of the first Wide Bay Pro Wrestling event, when the bell rings at When World’s Collide the Commando is ready to show everyone what he is made of.

Whether its in the Five Way For The Gold match, or it’s trying to wrestle back the Ultimate Briefcase for his shot at the gold at a later date, Ayres knows he will be World Champion and bring honour and respect to the belt.

“Everybody needs a hero, I am that hero, you don’t have a lot of heroes in wrestling I am one.” he said.

“One man once said to be the man, you have to beat the man, well whoever the man is I am going to beat him and lift the title aloft and everyone will have a hero to cheer.”

When World’s Collide is on November 26th at the Gympie Cats AFL Club, tickets are available at the gate, or you can grab them online from the event page on Facebook.

This is your chance to see Ben Ayres battle his way towards Wide Bay Pro Wrestling gold, and also other stars that are coming along.