Bray Wyatt should be in WWE Title contention

By Davage
Dec. 10, 2016

Since his transformation from Husky Harris, Bray Wyatt has been climbing the ladder within the WWE to become a top star, but has never been able to break on through the “glass ceiling.” The WWE has missed a few opportunities to push Wyatt into the WWE Title picture.

When the WWE booked Lesnar to break the streak, it was a missed chance to finally have Bray Wyatt who was riding the wave of success into the main event scene, before the carpet was pulled from under him. Since then with his “Wyatt Family” Bray has been bouncing around the card, but hasn’t seen the level of success that he should of.

The WWE has paired him up now with Randy Orton, giving both something, and potentially a feud to bounce Randy Orton back into the main event picture. But what would it mean for Bray, could he become a main event player? Of course he can.

Despite not being a face Wyatt was popular among some fans, fans have enjoyed the transformation into what he is today. The WWE has teased unleashing him in the title picture, and the main event picture but like Swagger, Ziggler, and The Miz the WWE slowly lost confidence in them and he has not been on the cusp of being a challenger since.

A meaningless feud with Roman Reigns later and we are left to wonder what the WWE plans to do with Wyatt, he came onto the main roster with a lot of momentum but has not been allowed to go any further. He has shown he has the skills, charisma and overness to become a main event player.

Wyatt should have been given the streak breaking win, which would have been the kick starter to his main event push. The WWE’s creative failure on Wyatt has left him in meaningless feuds but now the storyline with Orton could become a brighter future for both of them.

The WWE needs to push Wyatt towards the title, even if he doesn’t win the belt, he needs to be in the picture because the WWE needs to start creating new stars with the talk of Cena’s unhappiness and possible departure from the WWE, and their lack of real star power.

It’s time the WWE started to bring more stars to the forefront and start to push them as main eventers, and legit challengers to the belts. Smackdown alone has a distinct lack of star power there, and their main event picture lacks contenders for AJ Styles’ title.

The WWE does have Ziggler and The Miz on Smackdown battling, but they haven’t pushed them back into the main event scene, Randy Orton currently isn't looked at as a main eventer during his alignment to the Wyatt Family.

Bray Wyatt would be a very good contender to come out of nowhere and become a challenger for the WWE Title on Smackdown, there is a need to begin his slow push back towards the top.

With the current program featuring Styles, Ellsworth, and Ambrose there’s not a massive rush to push someone else into the spotlight too fast. But this storyline cannot last forever, and even though Ellsworth will be removed from the main event picture at the conclusion, they haven’t many options available.

Bray Wyatt should be one man that the WWE starts to invest time and a good push into, he’s got the fans on side, just needs to get that good feud and push that makes him a contender that the WWE clearly needs.