CM Punk could be a saviour for TNA

By Davage
Dec. 13, 2016

After a less than impressive start to his UFC career CM Punk could return to the octagon next year and have yet another fight. Since departing the WWE, and the wrestling industry CM Punk has looked to forge a career as an MMA fighter.

Many fans have suggested that CM Punk return to the wrestling business after his less than impressive debut in the UFC, but it seems that CM Punk is still going ahead with a proposed second fight sometime in 2017.

Despite this TNA has tried to reach out since his WWE departure about possibly bringing him in, but he seems to be done with the business. TNA would probably be the best fit for CM Punk, their taping schedule and the lack of really leaving Florida and limited tour schedules could fit CM Punk’s lifestyle.

Also CM Punk would join Bobby Lashley who is currently doing pro wrestling and MMA as well. Also Brock Lesnar also mixed in some UFC with his wrestling as well, with one last fight that has seen a lot of controversy follow.

CM Punk has also worked for TNA in the past, before he was signed to the WWE, and also working Ring of Honor Punk was apart of the early years of TNA and had a feud with Raven which spilled into ROH.

The other appeal for TNA would be being their top star, and could become the major face of a company struggling for people power currently. While some would suggest he return to the WWE if he ever went back to wrestling, his bridges are well and truly burnt there.

If CM Punk’s UFC career doesn’t turn out that successful, then TNA could be an exciting new challenge for him. A promotion that will probably give him all his desires and more. Even have a spot for his wife AJ Lee should she ever want to get back into wrestling as well.

With so many fans wanting CM Punk to return to the WWE, and are sad he’s doing the UFC thing there could be many reasons for TNA to sign him and give him what he wants. It could be great for them, as they could push some big time matches with Aron Rex, and EC3, also The Miracle as well.

Also if they bring back Cody Rhodes a battle for the TNA Title with Ethan Carter as well as a challenger in the battle. Throw in Aron Rex (formerly Damien Sandow) there’s some massive ground that the company can make up after losing a lot of ground on the WWE over the years.

It seems an unlikely signing for TNA, and seems less likely that he will ever be back in the WWE but if CM Punk was to head to TNA he could be the face of the company that saves them from their downward spiral.