Conor McGregor could be wrestling's top heel

By Davage
Nov. 14, 2016

Conor McGregor has in the past been the subject of rumour about leaving the UFC and joining the WWE, even upset the wrestling community via twitter calling them all pussies. Fans and wrestlers alike were commenting on the that, and also Dana White not being a fan of the wrestling either.

His tweets about wrestling made some start to suspect this was going to be part of a future angle where he was just working the fans and the wrestlers by mocking them.

So far nothing has been come about since then, but McGregor has many ready made challengers if he ever steps into the squared circle. McGregor is fresh of a history making moment after he become the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history by knocking out Eddie Alvarez in the second round of their fight at UFC 205.

What lies beyond the octagon for McGregor is unknown, after announcing he is about to become a father it makes one wonder if he would look at ventures away from the sport. Should he ever look into the WWE he could become one of wrestling’s ultimate heels.

Conor has an arrogant streak, and talks like a man that could really rise up as one of the best heels in the business. It has not been a rare thing for MMA fighters to try their hands at wrestling, and wrestlers trying their hand at MMA.

Ken Shamrock had a good run as a wrestler in the WWE, then NWA-TNA, and also briefly in the now defunct touring company WWA. Dan Severn didn’t have a bad run in some places as a wrestler, but didn’t have the career in the WWE that Shamrock managed.

Tito Ortiz has been around TNA a few times as well, and also Tank Abbott was apart of WCW for a brief period before it was purchased by the WWE. Wrestling could use a shake up, the growing stale of the product has left people wondering what the business could do.

The WWE have been trying to convince Ronda Rousey to become a member of the roster, but it has yet to translate into her coming to the WWE. Even though Ronda is a massive WWE fan, and has had many photo ops with WWE Women’s Wrestlers she’s yet to make the leap into the business.

McGregor also has a good following, so it could also help the WWE’s falling ratings and in part some the lower attendances and WWE Network Subscriptions to get things rolling again. The WWE could push his anti-wrestling agenda and use his popularity to get them noticed again.

A shock move to pro-wrestling would also get the WWE in the headlines for a lot of better reasons, and start perhaps a way for Rousey to enter the company as well. Perhaps the WWE can push an MMA/UFC type invasion angle if both of them were to sign.

It might be that his could make both the WWE and McGregor a lot of money if they can find a way to book it well. McGregor can also work a limited schedule which means he still makes money but also still works and gets to see his young family.

If McGregor was also in the WWE he could become the heel face of the company for the brief period he is there he can remind people what he thinks of the WWE wrestlers and the fans that swallow this stuff, making him their ultimate heel.

Sheamus was was of many that reacted to McGregor’s comments, being from Ireland as well he could be an option as an opponent. Or the WWE could put them and Becky Lynch together, and then bring in Ronda Rousey. It could be that they suggest that the business is holding back Lynch and Sheamus and mocking them because of their heritage.

McGregor could bring an idea that he could reinvent them, and that could be a stable, or they could become “Heyman People” with Brock Lesnar and be able to go that way since Lesnar has had some time in the UFC and is still part time fighting from time to time when the time allows.

While the WWE probably wouldn’t go down those lines if they were signed, they are some of a few ideas that the WWE could use to bring them into the company. The WWE does need something new so we’re not always seeing the same old thing, and we can move towards wrestling becoming fresh again.