JL Gold is money in the bank

By Davage
Nov. 17, 2016

 Wide Bay Pro Wrestling owner Anthony “The Bull” Romano last night announced that JL Gold is one of the five men in the Wide Bay Five Way For The Gold Match at When World’s Collide, battling for the World Heavyweight Belt. So far there have been only the three names announced, Ashe a popular name in Queensland wrestling and also the favourite of many on the Sunshine Coast Triple X Rated.

JL Gold believes he will be the first ever World Champion of Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, he believes that he has the golden standard needed to wear the golden strap.

“Everyone knows I am golden, I make magic happen, whoever else is in the match no matter I will bring the gold and make the money.” said JL Gold.

“You have to understand something right now, the Gold belongs to JL Gold and he will make it rise to new heights in Queensland Wrestling and the world. You can take that to the bank.”

Gold has no fears heading into the first ever Wide Bay Five Way For The Gold, he believes he has the skills that will make him a perfect champion and winner. Even if Romano throws a curveball and throws in someone no one expects.

“Romano has secrets he says, and he believes he can control people, well you cannot control Gold, I am money and while Romano has his own money I make money for everyone. “ Gold said.

“He will beg me to come join him, and try and take care of Daniel Payne, and get that briefcase back, but he will have to pay the price of Gold.”

Anthony Romano has not given any hints as to who will be joining the match, he has said there will be an announcement closer to the show date as to who joins JL Gold, Triple X Rated and Ashe in the match.

The Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Owner hasn’t ruled out Rabies The Clown gatecrashing the match, after Rabies finally got signed out of the institution where has been staying the past couple of years. JL Gold says he’s ready should Rabies get up to no good.

“We all know that clown’s out of his mind, but they’re the ones you have to watch, I know Triple X Rated, and I know Ashe. I’ve seen them before, Rabies is unexpected. But I doubt even Romano would throw him in there.” he said.

“I would embarrass and hurt that clown, lucky for us he’s just a puppet for Romano to get back at WBPW Commentator Dave Harding. Otherwise you’d have a broken clown.”

While Anthony says he will announce the fourth man closer to the event, nothing has been said when he will mention the fifth man. It seems Anthony wants them all to sweat waiting on the news, on who will join the match and challenge for the belt.

It’s also unclear on whether or not Daniel “Taxman” Payne is going to try and cash in the Ultimate Briefcase that he stole from Anthony Romano, the briefcase grants the person who holds it a shot at any title anywhere they want.

Even though Taxman never won it, he possesses it and since he does that means he is the holder of the briefcase and the contract for his title shot. He also has stated that anyone that thinks they are good enough to take the belt, or the briefcase can come and try.

The Five Way For The Gold Match takes place at When World’s Collide the first event for Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, it’s already shaping as a must see event. So much already happening before the event has made many curious to watch the out come.

You can see the event live at the Gympie Cats AFL Club on November 26th, you can buy tickets at the door or online on the Facebook event. It’s becoming a must see.