NXT's the best part of the WWE right now

By Davage
Dec. 08, 2016

While the WWE has started to try and change things up with the brand new brandslit, the companies flagship program Raw, and even Smackdown have remained in the shadows of the excitement that is NXT.

The NXT roster is an exciting mix of great young talent, with great in ring abilities and charisma, mic skills and pushing the boundaries of entertainment. It’s almost like sitting back and watching a great Indy wrestling show each week, but on WWE TV.

It could be the reason that the WWE wants to add indy wrestling to their WWE Network as NXT resembles a higher quality Ring of Honor product with some great talent that are hungry to make their mark on the business. While the main roster has a decent mix as well, it just seems that the main roster has slowly become stale, and stagnated whereas as the hunger and desire on the NXT roster is far above that of the main.

NXT is currently doing a tour of Australia, while ticket sales weren’t the best in Australia or New Zealand the shows have been off the charts. The WWE ended up cancelling their tour of New Zealand and needed to do a deal to get the ticket sales going in Australia, but so far fans have been enjoying the action.

It is believed the slow ticket sales were due to the high prices of the tickets to begin with, a lot of fans not too happy to pay full WWE ticket prices for a developmental roster tour. Hulk Hogan once ran into the same ticketing problems when he did his Hulkamania tour, other shows with not the best rosters have done slow business as well.

Despite the problems of the tickets, NXT has been going well on tour in Australia, tonight they have touched down in Melbourne and part of that show will be taped for NXT’s future shows. Much like the NXT Title match from Japan was apart of the recent NXT broadcast, perhaps a full show from Australia for NXT would have been a lot better.

With EMMA ready to make her WWE return and there already been five Australians on the NXT roster plus many more tryouts the WWE would be crazy not to have more tours to Australia as the popularity of the WWE soars ever higher.

Many young wrestlers from Australia have been given tryouts yet again while the WWE is in town, last time many stars from Australia and New Zealand were given their chance even though some were not signed it would have been a great dream come true for many to be given an opportunity.

Triple H is in town with the NXT Roster, so it would have been a great chance for young talent to impress him while NXT did its thing in many different cities around Australia. It was not too long ago that the WWE had a tour of Australia, so that could have helped impact the ticket sales as well as the price, but NXT have been putting on some amazing shows.

WWE has a real winner with this program, even though the ratings do not do it justice there are so many great stars to watch even week. Now that Eric Young and Bobby Roode are starting to get their chances on there, and other talent even from Australia it’s a show you cannot miss.