The Kaos Theory - Legendas a man on a mission, or Romano meat puppet

By Davage
Nov. 12, 2016

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling has entered into an uncivil war, and Anthony Romano has had to try and recruit people to try and settle it down. Every man has tried to make a play for power and there hasn’t even been a show yet, the Brute Force Title, and the World Title is so close some men can smell the leather straps.

Enter Aris Legendas a man on a mission from Victoria, and his Tag Team Partner Kevin Hunt, both men have been bagged out by Taxman at various stages but they still push on. They will battle two men also from Victoria to become the first contenders for the WBPW Tag Team Titles.

Is Legendas legit in his quest for greatness, or is he just another meat puppet being lead to the slaughter of the Alpha Breed as Anthony tries to wrestle back the power that he lost when he lost his Brute Force Title, and the Ultimate Briefcase?

Some may doubt the abilities of these two young man from Victoria that come to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling to begin their journey, to make a name for themselves but while going through all the footage it can be said that they have the talent to make it big in Wide Bay Pro Wrestling.

It’s safe to say some have wondered the motives behind the Romano recruitment of these young hungry superstars, has he really invested time and faith in them, or is he just sending these hungry young lambs to become cannon fodder in the battle between Romano and Taxman.

Taxman has found Evans and Lucas two other hungry young wrestlers from Victoria, all these men have trained hard and have declared they’re wanting to climb the ladder in Australian Wrestling. But at what cost to themselves and their careers?

This war has raged on for some weeks now, a battle of words, a home invasion and the stealing of documents, a title and the briefcase that grants the lucky winner a title shot. The power that Taxman holds with also the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling credit card that he has been using to wine and dine his own stable of stars makes you wonder what is next for Wide Bay and Romano.

Legendas has told us that he doesn’t believe he’s a puppet and believes that he will rise up the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling ladder with Kevin Hunt because both men have the talent and the desire to make things happen. Romano also says that he has belief in them as well, that the whole reason to get them to come to Wide Bay was to showcase some great young Australian wrestling talent.

Somewhere in a coffee we believe that Anthony “The Bull” Romano is putting together a large stable of men that he believes can bring down Taxman. Then also bring down Alpha Breed because if they don’t he believes he will lose his dreams and his life’s work in an instant.

We believe that part of Anthony’s major announcement could centre around Taxman recruiting and training in Victoria and could lead to some more names dragged into a war that Anthony has said he will win, and is not going to allow anyone who gets in his way to leave unscathed.

It is hard to argue with a man that has connections, a man that knows how to get what he wants but can he get what he wants without his financial backing with Taxman with the gold and briefcase could it be as easy as giving them a shot at holding that Brute Force Title, and claiming the briefcase for their very own?

Has Legendas been brainwashed by the boss into thinking that he can get it all just by taking down Taxman? The good guys always win in the end right? So that means that Aris and Kevin should get the gold, the girls and the keys to the city.

But we do not live in a fairy tale, we believe that the bad guys know a few tricks their movie counterparts never did when it comes to defeating the good, and rising up above them. The war rages on at When World’s Collide, a tag team match, and also the Brute Force title will be defended somehow.

Romano’s army will have to be quick, and smart to out last Taxman, we have seen his work and we know he’s not one to get caught out.