The Kaos Theory - Smacks declares his own war

By Davage
Nov. 18, 2016

Jeremy Smacks has seemingly joined forces with Daniel “Taxman” Payne to take over Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, after the last live feed Smacks and Payne have potentially put an end to Romano’s attempts to recruit the Smacks Label Society to takeback control.

Anthony Romano tried to hire Smacks to help him in his quest to get the Ultimate Briefcase and Brute Force Title back, but also several documents that Romano says are vital to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Jeremy Smacks has also said he was in it for himself, that he even if he took the offer from Romano he would still try and take down the company.

Romano was surprised that Smacks was looking to takedown the company, Smacks seems to have other ideas for Wide Bay Pro Wrestling that seems to not involve Romano. Payne has his own ideas as well, but we’re trying to work out how two men who have their own ideas on the future of Wide Bay will cooperate at When World’s Collide.

For now it could be that the mysterious Smacks Label Society who Jeremy Smacks has been keeping a massive secret, and continue to keep a secret will be for now it seems aligned with Alpha Breed. Taxman has also suggested there was another man he was bringing to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, the name he has kept to himself.

While Anthony has declared war on both Alpha Breed and the Smacks Label Society both have declared their own war on the locker room involved in Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Romano also claims to have Ben Ayres in his corner, and also for now Rabies The Clown, though that could just be because Anthony has wanted to make commentator Dave Harding suffer for the Ray Romano jokes.

Romano has also said he has a proposal for Smacks and Payne he suggests he will bring the proposal to When World’s Collide. If Romano survives the invasion of both Smacks Label Society and Alpha Breed the stakes could rise even more in the war for control.

Smacks has also said that this partnership could just be to take over, but then there will be another battle to see who gets the final control of Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Anthony has indicated that he has the men to prevent them from getting that control, while Jeremy Smacks has guaranteed he will be taking everything and taking the title, the power and the company from Romano.

It seems that Romano’s attempts to get back what is his from Taxman has dealt him another blow with Smack Label Society wanting everything. Their leader has made sure that everyone in Wide Bay Pro Wrestling is on notice, and they’re going to break anyone that gets into their way.

We are still yet to find out what role Smacks will play at WBPW, Romano has kept the rest of the matches for When World’s Collide to himself. Potentially wanting to make Jeremy Smacks and Taxman sweat on what they are going to face come When World’s Collide.

Smacks seems ready regardless of what Romano has for him, speaking to The Kaos Theory Jeremy Smacks says he fears no man, or men, whether it’s one, two, or more he’ll take them to task and beat them down.

There is no man that can make him show any type of fear, and he knows that Romano hasn’t got anything he’s just a man that takes a lot and makes cheques that he cannot pay. Jeremy Smacks will be at When World’s Collide and he will be seeking Romano.

He want to face him face to face and see if Romano really has the guts to do as he’s talked about or do as he expects and run away not answering the challenges put forward to him. We’re a week out from When World’s Collide, there’s so many questions heading into the event even after a lot of matches were announced last night.

Jeremy Smacks could very well regret some of his comments, but then again, so could Romano, both men have had a war of words, could there become collateral damage in the war of the worlds and what could it mean for WBPW?

The answers to this and more will be at When World’s Collide next Saturday Night, the lines have been drawn now it’s time to go to battle, who will survive? Time will tell.

More importantly the fallout will be felt by all regardless of the final outcome.