The Kaos Theory - Who is Dave Harding?

By Davage
Nov. 11, 2016

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling is full of interesting characters, and interesting people we have seen and heard from a few, but we’re still not quite sure who Dave Harding is and what he does for Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. He’s a name that pops up every so often when Anthony “The Bull” Romano does a live feed, but who is he and what does he do?

It was announced early this week that Dave Harding is joining the Wide Bay Pro Wresting commentary team, along with Lance Davenport. We know Lance Davenport from past Queensland events, the proclaimed voice of Queensland Wrestling.

But who is his commentary partner? A quick search finds that Dave Harding comes all the way form Hobart, Tasmania, a photographer by day and sometimes dabbles in journalism as seen a few times on the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Facebook page.

Dave Harding is also known as a one half of the Hippie Nights with Belinda and Dave show on Mix It Up Radio, along with Anthony sometimes when they do the Sports Asylum show. It seems that when Dave is not on the radio, writing, and taking photographs he’s causing Anthony problems.

Accusations have surfaces that Dave Harding is trading information to Daniel “Taxman” Payne which lead to a break-in, and the “debt collecting” of the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Brute Force Title, and also the Ultimate Briefcase.

As Dave sat there, he wrote an article on Taxman, suggesting that Taxman could very well be a mad genius, or simply a mad man. We have come to see both sides of this argument and have yet to really get which Taxman really is.

Harding is knowledgable when it comes to professional wrestling, as you have seen all over The Sports Asylum blog here, he knows his sport as well. While Dave has yet to grace a wrestling ring, or work for any promotions Dave Harding comes to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling with a wealth of knowledge, broadcast experience and also other features that we’re sure to see eventually.

What has intrigued us most is the recent announcement by Rabies The Clown that he is possibly rising up out of the ashes and coming to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. I hear you say what has that got to do with Dave Harding? Well awhile ago, Rabies and Dave had a stand off at Mix It Up Radio.

While there was an interview going on Rabies The Clown decided to lock Dave Harding outside of the radio studio, a hostile takeover had happened and there was a lot of bad stuff go on. Since that night, Dave has hated Rabies The Clown and now that Rabies knows Dave will be there, it seems so will he.

Of course with Dave throwing insults and stuff at the owner of Wide Bay Pro Wrestling it’s not hard to see that he has encouraged the clown to run riot. In not so many words we have spoken to Anthony and he has made it clear he has no issues with the clown stopping by to visit his good friend Dave.

We asked Dave and he said “No not again, the bastard child of Doink the Clown need to get back to the damn circus where he belongs!”

We have tried many times to get Rabies The Clown to talk to us, but he seems to be talking in tongues, or he’s just too far gone to be bothered trying to communicate and he just wants to take care of business. What’s that mean for Wide Bay? We’re very unsure, you cannot predict what a crazy clown is going to do.

Dave has suggested he would rather see magic at the wrestling, Anthony says he’s not a fan, so when it comes to the When World’s Collide event we have Dave Harding and Lance Davenport on the commentary team, we are going to have a live stream for those outside of Gympie to enjoy the night.

There’s nothing better than actually being there, seeing the wrestlers up close, getting an autograph, and also hearing the great live music that is LOCUS. If you are in the area, you would be crazy to miss such a great line-up of wrestlers and wrestling action.

Gympie Cats AFL Club November 26th, it’s going to be off the hook, as for Dave Harding he has a lot to answer for with the whole Taxman situation, and now a demented clown possibly in the mix. It’s certainly getting interesting at Wide Bay Pro Wrestling.