TNA needs to resurrect the X Divsion to be great again

By Davage
Dec. 06, 2016

TNA needs to refresh its X Division and make it the focus of the company again, with the launch of WWE’s 205 Live and the big signings from the indy scene they have made TNA needs to invest some time in what made them unique again. When TNA had started they had a great thing with the X Division, so many exciting workers and matches over the years they have been pushed to the back a bit.

TNA had started to do more with the Knockouts in the past as well but they too have begun to become lost a little in the shuffle of TNA’s backstage woes. Lately the TNA Knockouts division has started to be re-established as a better division but still needs work.

TNA could use a working relationship with a company like Ring of Honor, or any other Indy fed to try and exchange some talent to make things fresh again. WWE has slowly been working with EVOLVE and could see them feature on the WWE Network going forward. TNA needs to look into this as well, but rather than doing it with EVOLVE do it with Ring of Honor.

Both Ring of Honor and TNA have almost the same roster types with a few smaller guys, and been pushing them towards the big titles. So it would make sense for TNA and them to work together, that and they share a lot of the same workers at times anyway.

Most of the guys that have worked TNA over the years have featured in ROH, and some of the TNA guys not working ROH have worked there from TNA. TNA had somewhat of an agreement early on with ROH, after the issues arose in the past both companies went separate ways.

Working Relationships with companies can see TNA build a good roster with workers that are also working elsewhere, it could also see a talent exchange that can keep the promotions more exciting. WCW has done this in the past with promotions in Japan, and TNA had done something similar in Mexico, but within the United States it can make for some interesting wrestling angles and feuds.

Wrestling needs something fresh and new to make it return to the days of the Monday Night Wars where the ratings were good, and everyone wanted to watch and everyone wanted a piece of wrestling on their networks. The last almost two decades the popularity of wrestling has fallen dramatically and staleness has started to sink in which has caused people to tune out in the masses.

WWE still holds the monopoly on the wrestling market, but if some smaller promotions can work together they could start their own revolution and start to add some competition to the markets. Wrestling does need some competition, and if TNA and ROH, or TNA, ROH and someone else could begin that it could save things.

For TNA they need all they can get to reverse some of their bad press that they have gotten over the whole leadership spill, and other dramas that have seen people turned off the product. While they have started to bring in some new stars, and good storylines there has still been a lot of damage done.

While the WWE has the Cruiserweight Division and a lot of very talented workers, TNA had always had the X Division and the use of some great young talented wrestlers throughout the indies. They also had no weight limit in the X Division which made it even more exciting when you had someone that was just a little bigger than a cruiserweight.

The action that happened in the X Division helped put TNA on the map, the Ultimate X Matches, the matches between Styles, Daniels and Joe, plus the addition of Matt Bentley and Frankie Kazarian and many others made it must see TV. For TNA that needs to happen again, while these guys are gone now there are some great workers that can recreate it.

Trevor Lee, DJ Z, EC3 and many others can make this a great division again, throw in The Miracle and you have a great division one that can also challenge for the TNA World Title which Ethan Carter has been fighting for. You can add in Galloway into both title pictures and keep things going well.

Tna already has a good roster, they just need to start to make the X Division a lot more central to what they are doing because that is what kept TNA interesting and got people talking.

The changes need to come and come fast to save TNA from imploding even further and becoming extinct like so many before them. After all the stuff that went on with Billy Corgan and Dixie there’s a need to start to mend broken fences and build new bridges to make TNA great again.

TNA was a great alternative wrestling show with great wrestling some okay storylines, but one hell of an X Division that was explosive and made TNA stand out. That needs to return for the betterment of TNA and the future of the company.