My Return: John Wall is surrounded by nobody as the Wizards lose to the Magic

I told myself I would not blog until the Wizards record reached over .500 or until my finals were done. I sit here with all my finals, as well as my fall semester finished and the Wizards are significantly under that mark (7-13). I understand the OT loss to the Thunder or the buzzer beater loss to the Spurs, but barely beating the Nets and losing to the Magic when John drops 52!!!!! points, that is unacceptable. 

Lets just look at the production from tonight, shall we? John freakin Wall man; 52 points on 58% shooting, 5-8 from 3 and eight assists. It is unfathomable how a team can lose when someone puts up those numbers, oh wait its the Wizards... Bradley Beal was a less then stellar 7-18 from the field with 19 points and Marcin Gortat added six points and 11 boards. Otto Porter got in early foul trouble so he was useless, and Markieff Morris air balled a three point attempt which will haunt my nightmares until the next Wizards win. (Who knows when that will be)

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Thornton, age 29, the backup to the multi-million dollar man, looks like he has more energy then Beal (23) most games. Whenever things seem to not go Beal's way he either tries to shoot himself out of it, or he just jogs up and down the court with a somber stare. I thought the Wizards had a chance at a come back when Thornton won a jump ball and hit Brad in perfect stride to a WIDE OPEN DUNK, but Beal missed that WIDE OPEN DUNK. The Magic then pushed the ball down the court, got two points and made me question my fandom. 

Ahhhh I miss the old days when we were Eastern Conference Finals contenders *stares off into the distance.

At the record of 7-13, the Wizards need to figure something out. Any given night the bench is absent or half the starters are. Im not sure whether the Wizards need to go bowling again or make a big trade, but something has to happen, or this team should just tank into oblivion.