The 3-step road to betting success

By Tipya
Aug. 01, 2020

Up to 98% of odds are experiencing deficits.

For many years we have gone through the same mill, where the last match on the coupon never went home and we repeatedly scored a goal against us in the dying minutes. This resulted in a relatively large deficit year after year. Then you might ask yourself, "Aren't you just unlucky?" - both.

Of course, you may be unlucky for your team to get an unforeseen early red card, or you get scored against them in the dying minutes, but there are some relatively simple 'odds rules' that can help radically boost your odds of winning. We call it the '3-step road to odds of success'.

The '3-step road to odds of success' has meant that we now see betting as an alternative way of investing. It is a longer and patient process if you really have ambitions to make profits and beat the bookmakers. It is not easy, but if you are disciplined and focus on your 'game plan', then it is definitely possible. Several thick books and articles have been written about betting, but we have made these 3 points understandable and concrete for you.

1st Realize that there is no short cut

and that sustained profits will take time. You've probably heard the saying, 'Look at it like a marathon - not a sprint!' This also covers betting as well as other investments.

2nd Understand the concepts of chance assessment, bet value (bet value) and risk factor.

This is the very basic task of calculating which odds have value, as well as how much financial effort one should place on the respective odds.

Here it might get a little technical and nerdy for anyone.

The vast majority have difficulty understanding and / or the time to do the underlying analysis work, which indicates that the 98% who experience deficits.

That's why we've hired our entire expert team to do all the work for you, so all you have to do is follow them and take advantage of their odds analysis.

However, if you are still curious about the concepts and have the courage to throw yourself into the world of nerdy odds, the next post will deal with just those concepts.

3rd Have multiple bookmark accounts

Most bookmakers have only one account with a single bookmaker. This is basically not enough and we clearly recommend having more bookmaker accounts. The reason is that the odds level varies significantly with several bookmakers, and by having multiple providers' accounts, it can help maximize your profits.

At Tipya, we guide you with the same odds that Bet365 offers, and evaluate an expert value at a given odds, and if you find the odds higher with another bookmaker, it will be to your financial advantage.

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