The Tennessee Titans' effort to recreate the Patriots' success is complete

By Ben Sundock
May. 05, 2020

The Tennessee Titans are doing their very best to mimic the formula Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

Seeing an NFL franchise win six Super Bowls in a 15-year span is something that cannot be recreated, but the Titans are doing their best to do just that.

On Monday, the Titans announced that they had reached a deal with New England's former college scouting director Monti Ossenfort.

Ossenfort spent nearly 15 years in Foxborough and recruited some phenomenal talent in his time. However, the Pats decided to not resign Ossenfort, so, he has chosen to reconnect with two former colleagues in Titans' general manager John Robinson and now head coach Mike Vrabel who was a player between 2001 and 2008.

That connection between the three men and their track record has me incredibly excited for what the future holds.

Robinson has already drafted well in his time as GM in Nashville but by adding Monti into the fold, the team's ability to find hidden gems and future talent sky-rocketed.

Ossenfort was considering taking the GM job with the Browns and the Texans, but the Patriots blocked his request to interview in Houston.

This news may fly under the radar, but this is a big-time move by the Titans franchise. Well done to everyone involved in making this happen!