Top 4 Considerations When Buying A Foosball Table From Tornado Brand

By James Williams
Dec. 16, 2019

Are you thinking of buying the best foosball table for your use? That’s a great idea. I have been playing foosball ever since I was 6 years old. My dad was a great fan and most of the time, this was our family game.

We could play foosball during thanksgiving and often when schools were closed. Nonetheless, I loved it more during the cold winter when no one could step out.

Today, I have bought over ten foosball tables for my foosball club and I can’t stop marveling at the great experience that I have had.

So, what are the main considerations when you want to buy a Tornado Classic Foosball Table? Don’t fall into the same trap that I did with my first table. Instead, you should follow the tips that I am going to give you in this post. Let’s take a look. For more information, Go to

Consider Size

Size is usually the first thing that you must consider when looking for the best Tornado Classic Foosball Table.

The truth is, people have different tastes and preferences. There are the guys with limited space at home, people who just love the thrill of huge stuff, and those who buy as per their needs including physical stature.

In line with that, it is important that you choose a table as per your needs. Personally, I usually need a table that is compact and which won’t take so much space upon storage.


The truth is table levelers are equally important. With a rough or bumpy table, foosball won’t be enjoyable at all. A fair foosball game will be played on a level table. So check for levelers anytime you buy.


How has the goalie been configured? The truth is no foosball table will come with either a one-man goalie or a three-man goalie – but I guess you knew this already.

So, in case you need a foosball game where you want to build on your skills, going for a one-man goalie is cool.

However, if you just want to play for fun, there is no harm in trying out the other option at any time when you buy.

Playing Rods

The rods must not be slippery. With a stable road, the control of your game will be on point. In addition to that, your comfort depends on the rods. So, go for rods that balance well with the table.


With many brands of foosball tables in the market today, buying the best foosball table might be tricky. Even so, the tips that I have given you in this post will help you a great deal. Just learn to follow them closely.

More importantly, you must always remember that your tornado classic foosball table is an actual investment. This means that you must take proper care of it especially when you want to see the returns.