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Turkey Guy's Week 15 Picks

By The Turkey Guy
Dec. 14, 2017

Last week I was 9-7, wrong on the Vikings, Browns, Bengals, Jets, Titans, Rams, and Ravens. To be fair, I was only super wrong on the Jets and Bengals. Anyway, my overall record is now 132-75 (assuming I haven't missed any games). Oh, and I would just like to mention, I called Dolphins over Patriots. Go ahead and look it up. (On only 5% took Miami in that game, fyi).

Anyway, the picks!

Denver (4-9) at Indianapolis (3-10)

Oh my God, who cares!?!? To the NFL's credit, there have been some pretty good Thursday Night Football games this year. But this, wow, this is not one of them. Denver had a good game last week while Indy lost in OT to the Bills in the Snow Bowl. Both teams are awful in their own ways, but as I have stated many times before, I always take the home team on Thursday Night Football. COLTS 19 Broncos 10

Chicago (4-9) at Detroit (7-6)

So this is a Saturday game, because it's that time of the year again. Chicago had a pretty dominant win over the Bengals last week, while the Lions took care of the Bucs. I'm clearly going to take the Lions, who have homefield advantage, a chance at the playoffs, and have a better QB. Also, Detroit isn't Cincinnati, they're functional.

LIONS 27 Bears 13

Los Angeles Chargers (7-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (7-6)

Game of the Week? This game decides the AFC West. No one can deny the Chargers are the hottest team in football right now, going 7-2 since starting 0-4. The Chiefs, while looking terrible for a month plus, seem to have gotten out of their offensive funk. Should be a helluva game, and don't be surprised if Arrowhead sets a new record for loudness. Gonna be honest, this game is so closely matched I'm going full-blown biased here (I like both teams, and both QBs actually)

CHARGERS 23 Chiefs 22

New York Jets (5-8) at New Orleans (9-4)

Not much analysis needed here. The Saints are twenty times better and are at home. The Jets' season is over and they lost McCown to IR.

SAINTS 33 Jets 10

Philadelphia (11-2) at NY Giants (2-11)

Philly catches a break (if there is one) by drawing the Giants after losing Wentz for the season. What better way to get Foles acclimated than against one of the worst teams in the NFL? The Giants are just playing for pride and paychecks right now, plus a little rivalry doesn't hurt. Even without Wentz, I just think Philly is too good across the board to lose to the G-Men. They just won't win by as much.

EAGLES 24 Giants 14

Arizona (6-7) at Washington (5-8)

If this game was in the desert I'd be tempted to take the Cards, because they have looked pretty decent in recent weeks. The Skins, on the other hand, have been blown out by the Chargers and Cowboys and seem to be spiraling out of control. But the Cards are traditionally really bad away from the desert, especially when travelling to the East Coast. Plus, you have to think Cousins is auditioning for everyone else right now, right? (Maybe even Arizona)

REDSKINS 20 Cardinals 16

Cincinnati (5-8) at Minnesota (10-3)

The Vikes finally get to come home after playing a brutal stretch of road games that was Lions, Falcons, and Panthers. They get the hapless, probably soon to be coachless, Bengals who gave up after blowing a 4th quarter lead to the Steelers a few weeks ago. If Chicago crushed the Bengals, what do you think Minnesota will do?

VIKINGS 31 Bengals 10

Miami (6-7) at Buffalo (7-6)

It's gonna be cold in Buffalo, which doesn't bode well for Miami, but at least it won't be a snow game. Over the past few weeks the Dolphins have looked like contenders and have a shot at the playoffs because of it. Of course, with Cutler at the helm, you gotta think he'll fall apart again. The Bills should have Tyrod back under center, which is key, because Peterman would probably be murdered by Suh and Wake. Honestly, after watching 20ish years of Dolphins-Bills games, I know that this could go either way. Miami could win by 1 or 30, and Buffalo go do the same. But, you know, this wouldn't be called Totally Biased Sports if I wasn't biased.

DOLPHINS 27 Bills 20

Green Bay (7-6) at Carolina (9-4)

As much hoopla has been surrounding the return of Aaron Rodgers, even if he hadn't been injured I still wouldn't like Green Bay's chances in Charlotte. The Packers are just not that good of a team, they just happen to have the best QB in the league (and maybe ever). Carolina has turned up the volume the last few weeks, beating the Vikings last week in convincing fashion. As long as Cam is Cam, they'll #keeppounding. My question is, if this game gets out of hand, will the Packers pull Rodgers for the rest of the season?

PANTHERS 34 Packers 21

Baltimore (7-6) at Cleveland (0-13)

It's fairly well documented that the Ravens and Steelers have huge let downs after playing each other. And it's also fairly well documented I'm just coming up with excuses to take the Browns every week.

BROWNS 17 Ravens 16

Houston (4-9) at Jacksonville (9-4)

Not much analysis here. The Texans were crushed in Week 1 by the same team, and I doubt much have changed since then.

JAGUARS 28 Texans 7

Los Angeles Rams (9-4) at Seattle (8-5)

A rematch which may decide who wins the division, as well as who gets in the playoffs. A Rams win pretty much locks up the NFC West, while a Seahawks win puts them in prime position to do the same. However, a loss would pretty much eliminate Seattle from wildcard consideration whereas a Rams loss puts them in the thick of things. It's a huge game, one I think is more important and going to be closer than the supposed "Game of the Week" between the Pats and Steelers. Just like Dolphins-Bills, no matter how good/bad these teams are, it always turns into a close game. Can Russell Wilson pull another last second victory out of his hat? I think he will.

SEAHAWKS 25 Rams 23

New England (10-3) at Pittsburgh (11-2)

A lot of pundits will say this is the Game of the Week. It's not. Both of teams are playoff bound, and it's not even going to be close. Look, the Pats often lose to Miami in Miami, that's just business as usual. They're still going to crush the Steelers. Why? Because Mike Tomlin has never been able to stop Brady. The only way, and I mean only, way Pittsburgh wins is if they win in a shootout where the team with the ball lasts wins. And I don't think that'll happen. (Fun note:'s Pick Em has only 42% of people taking New England. Seriously!?)

PATRIOTS 37 Steelers 20

Tennessee (8-5) at San Francisco (3-10)

I honestly have no idea what to make of these two. San Fran looks completely different with James G, and Tennessee seems to be in a malaise. The records say the Titans should win this by two scores, but my eyes are telling me otherwise. Tennessee really needs to win this one, but for some reason I feel like we're watching a late season collapse. No?

49ERS 18 Titans 15

Dallas (7-6) at Oakland (6-7)

Had this game happened last year before Carr's injury I'd say "WOW WHAT A MATCHUP!" but now? Meh. Dallas is better, don't get me wrong, and it seems Prescott is coming into his own without Zeke to rely on. Also Oakland's defense is atrocious.

COWBOYS 29 Raiders 17

Atlanta (8-5) at Tampa Bay (4-9)

Not much analysis needed here. The Falcons are on a roll and need to win out to make the playoffs, the Bucs have been dead in the water for awhile. Sometimes weird things happen when NFC South teams play in Tampa, but I just don't see it this week.

FALCONS 28 Bucs 14