NFL Needs To Review Blatant Missed Calls

As a huge fan of all sports, one of the biggest things that can ruin any game, is a blown call. We see it in baseball, basketball and football but In an era of instant replay and 4KHD streaming, we are still talking about completely botched calls that could easily be looked at, and overturned. It's no secret that I'm referring to the missed pass interference call against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game. A play that if called correctly, would have likely helped the Saints win the game and go on to Super Bowl 53. Even though everyone in the world that watched that replay could tell it was clearly a horrible no call, We're basically told as fans to suck it up and realize that nothing will ever change. We're told that there is no point in crying over it, or debating what could or should be done. We're told it's just not going to happen. But why?

I've been listening to a lot of Sports talk and reading a lot of debates from both journalists and fans. The one thing that I find so interesting, is that everyone is on the same page in that the call was very bad and impacted the game in some way. Yet I don't see everyone on the same page of making a call like that review-able. How can you be against being able to review something like that? If you can watch the play without slow motion and easily see that it was indeed pass interference, why shouldn't you be able to challenge the call? Also, how hard would it be for the officials to look up at the jumbotron, see that the call was clearly missed, then get together and reverse it? Instead of sitting there and acting like nothing happened and whats done is done?

The NFL needs to make these calls review-able. Either by coaches challenge or referee discretion, you gotta be able to overturn something like this. No one would even be talking about this if the officials would have gotten together and said that indeed there was pass interference. No one. Not even Rams fans could be upset over that. Hopefully the NFL can look into this and come up with some sort of solution. It's time to start using the tools and technology that is available to them to help keep the integrity of game intact.