Scouting report: Vandy

By Dawgfan10
Feb. 20, 2017

After Tennessee, UGA will stay in the volunteer state to take on Vandy. Vandy has the potential the UGA's toughest opponent all season. 

#1. All offense is returning: RB Ralph Webb, who was top 5 in the SEC in rushing will come back along with QB Kyle Shurmur who will be a JR. Shurmur's 3 top passing targets: Trent Sherfield, C.J. Duncan, and Caleb Scott will all return as well. 

#2: Most defense is returning: Only 3 of Vanderbilt's players on defense, who were 2nd in the SEC in rushing and 5th in passing are leaving with everyone coming back, Eason will really have to have a big game which conveniently he had his best game against Vandy this past year, throwing for 346 yards and a TD. 

Prediction: UGA 17 Vandy 20