Top 10 QB's in the SEC

By Dawgfan10
Jan. 13, 2017

I decided to take a break from scouting reports and go onto position rankings. I will do QB's RB's WR's LB's and CB's. Without further ado, the top 10 SEC QB's.

10. Jared Stidham- Auburn: The only reason he is 10 right now is because he has not gained the starting job yet. If he does then it will sky rocket. 

9. Brandon Harris: As with Stidham I cannot rank a QB high if he does not have the job even if he is a shoe in for it. If he does land the job he will go up 1 spot possibly. 

8. Jake Bentley-SC: The Gamecock QB will not have his weapons which will not help him in his sophomore year

7. Jacob Eason-UGA:As a UGA fan it pains me but I must remain unbiased. Eason has a great arm and great accuracy downfield, but he cannot get on the same page with his wide receivers and he misses open guys way too often. 

6. Kyle Shurmur-Vandy: Shurmur, like Eason, has a strong arm and the year of experience really helped him so next year around this time expect Eason to be here or higher. 

5. Shea Patterson- Ole Miss: The dual threat QB is very good at escaping the pocket and was great in his one showing. I expect good things out of him this year. 

4. Austin Allen-Arkansas: This is Allen's last ride and I think he will make the most of it, most of his talent is coming back next year and he just has to stay upright and not on the ground. 

3. Nick Fitzgerald-MSST:you could make a claim that he is one of the best RB's but he does play QB. He was 2nd in the SEC in rushing which is very impressive. He will continue to run but I do hope he develops a passing game as well. 

2. Drew Lock-Mizzou: Even though he plays on a terrible team his success cannot go unlooked. Lock was amazing in his sophomore year passing for 3400 yds, 23 TD's and only 10 picks. He will only get better in his big Jr. year. 

1. Jalen Hurts-Alabama: Hurts led the Tide to the final game this year and he will only get better as a sophomore. He truly is a dual threat QB with a big frame, breakaway speed, and great awareness in the pocket.