Super Bowl 2018 Live Stream Online - Patriots vs Eagles News

By Jacob Smiths
Feb. 02, 2018

A team that aims to reach its sixth championship ring before a contender for its first Vince Lombardi, a duel that looks inclined for New England on paper but is more even than it seems.

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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will look for their sixth Super Bowl next Sunday, which would tie them with the Steelers as the teams with the most titles in NFL history. The Philadelphia Eagles, in turn, have hopes of raising their first Vince Lombardi trophy planted in backup quarterback Nick Foles and a solid defense.

Initially, it seems a totally uneven duel. But the Eagles nobody gave them anything during a campaign with a mark of 13-3, and already demonstrated their ability even with Foles in the controls. So the duel could be more close than indicated by a simple view of the history of both sets.

Below a line by line analysis of both teams:


Patriots: It's hard to find a weak spot on a team that has Tom Brady behind center and who capped the regular season as the second best attack in points and first in yards of the entire league. The combination of Brady with goals like Rob Gronkowski - who got back into training after a concussion in the AFC final, Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola, and the versatile running backs Dion Lewis and James White, could be too much for any team.

Eagles: During the regular season, the Eagles were shown as a vertical and forceful team by the hand of Carson Wentz. It was logical to think that after the injury of the stellar quarterback the aspirations of the Eagles disappeared, but reserve Nick Foles has directed the offense with a right hand, including an extraordinary performance by scoring 38 points against the Vikings in the NFC final.


Patriots: After a disastrous start to the season in which he admitted 32 points on average in his first four games , New England did not allow more than 20 during a run of eight wins midway through the campaign. However, the unit under coordinator Matt Patricia ended the season as the 19th best in admitted yards, sticking to the principle of doubling but not breaking. They have only stolen one ball in their last six games.

Eagles: Once the team lost to Wentz in Week 14, the defense made up for the absence of their quarterback by lowering the curtain. In the last five games they have only allowed more than 10 points on one occasion and throughout the campaign they had four other actions of that type. The coordinator Jim Schwartz is characterized by his aggressive style and has the elements to be, particularly in line with tackle Fletcher Cox and defensive end Brandon Graham, which allowed them to be the fourth best defensive in the NFL and the third in conversions of third down.


Patriots: The kicker Stephen Gostkowski is one of the most reliable weapons in the arsenal of Bill Belichick and has shown throughout his career. In the postseason the situation is not different, with 96.2% effectiveness in extra points and 91.4% in field goal attempts. In his four previous appearances in the Super Bowl he has only missed one kick in 12 attempts and was an extra point. In the return game, the Patriots are not characterized by their explosiveness when it comes to kicking back, although Dion Lewis had a 103-yard touchdown return.

Eagles: During a season full of injuries, special teams were no exception in Philadelphia. In the first game of season they lost starting kicker Caleb Sturgis and rookie Jake Elliott had to fill the gap, doing it efficiently. Although inexperienced, Elliott has shown long range and made five of six attempts of more than 50 yards , including one of 61 on the third date of the season to beat the Giants. Youth gives him more power than Gostkowski. Regarding returns, it is not expected to be a factor, as it has not been for Philadelphia throughout the campaign.


Patriots: The architect of the dynasty in New England without a doubt is Bill Belichick, who has managed to impose his stamp thanks to that, as general manager, he has the ability to choose players that fit in his mold. Belichick is synonymous with success with 15 trips to the playoffs in 18 years with the Patriots, eight appearances in the Super Bowl and five rings. It is difficult to find something that Belichick has not seen or done. He knows how to adjust to the circumstances of each game and his previous preparation is almost as legendary as his press conferences.

Eagles: Another duel where the experience is not on the side of the Eagles. Philadelphia gave Doug Pederson his first chance as head coach in the NFL just a year ago, and in two seasons he converted a 7-9 team into the National Conference champion. The former quarterback has been characterized, as a coach and in his previous three years as the offensive coordinator of the Eagles, to prepare a team to be forceful and take care of the ball. But sometimes discipline within the field has been a problem.