USA Women's Soccer Stands at the Top

The Team USA Women’s Soccer team has accomplished and astounding achievement this year. Winning their fourth world cup, the are now the most successful women’s soccer team in the league. The US has appeared in five finals in total giving Japan its first championship in 2011. The US has also medaled in every world cup since it started with four gold, one silver, and three bronze.

This year Team USA fended off seven opponents on their way to the top. Their first will in the tournament was astonishing as they defeated Thailand 13-0. In the end, they met Team Netherlands for the final match. This match was capped off with a 2-0 shut-out giving Team USA the win. Throughout the tournament, Team USA outscored the world 26-3.

But of course, no great story comes without a little drama. Team Captain, Megan Rapinoe decided to use this opportunity to protest. Adopting Colin Kaepernick’s protest of kneeling during the anthem, the initial reason was the it makes “people uncomfortable.” She would eventually follow that up with LGBT and racial inclusion. This was an attempt to “make people look inward to see what they couldn’t before.”

Immediately following the team’s amazing achievement, their celebration in the locker room went viral. With music, dancing, and champagne, these women had everything thing they needed to express their excitement.