Soccer Player Told Not to Give His Shirt to a Fan, so he Gave His Shorts!

By VadenHoffman
Dec. 19, 2016

This from Deadspin:

After Leeds United’s 1-0 win today over Brentford, defender Gaetano Berardi was approached by a fan asking for his shirt. Giving away a game-worn shirt is apparently frowned upon by Leeds (as is also the case for Manchester United, whose players were told earlier this year that giving fans their kits’ shirts is “not cost effective”). But Berardi didn’t let rules get in the way of his generous spirit, and peeled off his shorts to give the fan instead.

Can't give away your shirt, guess the rules didn't say anything about shorts!

You got to think this isn't just a protest move right?  There has to be a hot chick at the receiving end of these shorts and this soccer stud secretly wrote his phone number on the tag right?  

Nope, it was a dude!  Golden opportunity lost Berardi, it could have been the savage move of the year....