4 SEO Tips That Bloggers Needs To Know

Blogs writing is a kind of digital diary of sorts. People write about anything that interests them, for example, food, politics, nature and cultures. They express their thoughts and opinions and publish them online in the form of a blog so that others can have access to them as well, and learn something new from the author.

Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers

Imagine talking to a group of people about a certain type of car that you like. You will tell them about the car, why you like it, how is it different from other cars, and any other opinions you might wish to share with them about the topic. Since it is a discussion, you will see some people who agree with your opinion and some who do not.

This is what a blog is, a conversation. You express your ideas about a certain theme and let the others discuss and debate with you about that particular idea. A blogger is the one who initiates the discussion, and the blog is the discussion, and blogging is what we call this activity, online.

How does SEO work?

Consider the scenario above, but with just you. What is the point of talking about an idea if there isn’t anyone to listen to you and debate about it? You will just be talking to the walls. And that is never fun.

This is where SEO comes. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by websites and bloggers to make their content relevant enough to get noticed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. How do you make your content more popular? And attract people to it? By appearing in the top results in any search related to the topic you are blogging about. A good SEO writer will help you do that efficiently and effectively.

4 Tips to Do Effective SEO

What is it that article writing services do, to make their content stand out? They focus on making your material more relevant so that it more visible. This aspect is what counts at the end of the day. Here are a few tips that will help you become an effective SEO writer and make sure that your blog receives more traffic and attention from people:

Know the system: In order to do well in the searches, you need to know how they work. And for that, you need to go and check out a number of free and useful tools, like Google’s keyword planner, or the “people also ask”, and “searches related to” on all major search engines. This will help you learn about the specific searches that are popular amongst the public. And once you know which searches are trending and catching public interest, it will be easier for you to write about that topic. Time spent on looking up these keywords is time well spent, especially if you are aiming to be a top-ranked blogger.

Quality over quantity: A common mistake most v bloggers make is that they look up the keywords and searches that are popular, and include them in their article in a manner that the writing looks forced. Although your writing will appear in the top searches if you include the relevant keywords, forcing in the key terms will create a bad impression on the reader and you will lose viewers. Also, it is a myth that people care more about long articles with fancy words. Keep it short and flavorful, because that is the mark of a truly seasoned blog writer. If you are putting in quality and relevant material, chances are you are already putting in the keywords and making it look smooth.

Connect to others: Like we mentioned, blogging is a discussion. Make sure that you provide people with the opportunity to comment and share their thoughts, and subscribe to your website. Also, provide links to other bloggers that are providing good material; about the same topic. It creates a good impression on others, and you might get a link back by other blogs. These factors matter a lot when you are aiming to get higher on the search rankings.

Stay ahead of the game: Keep a sharp lookout for the trending searches and make sure that you have relevant content to publish about that. Search engines are constantly improving their searches, and any changes may result in a hit to your rankings. Make sure that you are aware of new SEO techniques and are able to implement in them in your writing.