5 progressive players of the current season

By W Football
Feb. 09, 2020

The current football season has given the world a lot of talents, which will be discussed. We bring to your attention the top five players who have made great progress during the 19/20 season.

Mason Mount

The path of success for the young Englishman began in the Dutch Vitesse, after which the player was again rented this time to Derby County. That decision had a key role, because in the camp of the "rams" Mount was revealed in a new way, and Lampard was the coach of that team. After the promotion to Chelsea, Lampard took his ward, who did not disappoint the coach's expectations. Mason has become a system-forming soccer player and is now considered one of the best young talents in all of England.

It is worth noting that the growth of Mount happened due to the transfer ban. In the summer, the London club because of the ban could not register new players, so Lampard was forced to believe in young people. Recently, Mount and his team have experienced some decline, but we hope that the unsuccessful streak will pass, and the "aristocrats" in the best glory will prove themselves against the Munich "Bavaria".

Lautaro Martinez

The Argentinean was also good in the previous season, but it was in the current campaign that Lautaro really revealed himself, and the whole world started talking about him. Antonio Conte conducted a major restructuring in the club, and made a bet on the duet of Lukaku Martinez. Their duet with Lukaku is currently one of the best, and Martinez is already beginning to be compared with the best forwards on the planet.

Barcelona already claims to be a player, according to the striker himself, he does not want to leave Inter and is completely devoted to his club.

Adam Traore

“He is really dangerous. In a large space, it is difficult to defend against Jamie Vardy, but it is even more difficult to defend against Traore, because his speed is exceptional, ”Jurgen Klopp praised the game of the Malian Spaniard.

Traore used to be an ordinary dribbler, but with the transition to Wolverhampton, the footballer matured tactically and is now the most dangerous player in the Premier League one-on-one game. All defenders are afraid of Traore, and all the coaches of the world dream of seeing a player in their team.

Erling Holland

Recently, the media reported that Solskher once offered CSKA to buy Holland, but Muscovites refused, and the Norwegian continued his career in the Austrian Salzburg. Erling gradually progressed, and this season was his "finest hour" for him. On this winter transfer window, Holland moved to Dortmund Borussia and started very cool in the new club. In the three championship matches played, the striker has already scored 7 goals and is considered one of the best young players in the world.

Federico Valverde

Many will disagree now, and put Holland in the first place, but to break into the foundation of Real Madrid when Kroos, Modric and Isco play in your position is a difficult task, and not everyone can pass such a test. Real Madrid towed at the beginning of the season, but with the transition to the hybrid scheme, the team began to act very confidently. A transition to such a scheme would not have been possible without Valverde, who is equally good at defense and in attack. He would add to the implementation, and he will become the best in the world in his position. A Uruguayan is not the most technical and talented, but field ability and hard work in training played a key role. Of course, Valverde is the best player of Real Madrid at the moment.