Mike Glennon- What to do with him?

Now that Nagy is the HC of the Chicago Bears, Vic expected to come back, what should Nagy do with Mike Glennon???

Mike Glennon is on a three year contract with the Bears, however, it looks like Trubisky is the one who will be running the offense, and with Trubisky expected to be the franchise quarter back, Mike would seem to just be taking up roster space and money. I however think the Bears should keep Glennon under certain conditions.

If the Bears can find a good back up for Mitch if he goes down then the Bears should be cleared to release or possibly trade him for a late round draft pick (possibly from the Cardinals, Giants, or maybe the Browns). However if the Bears can't find a suitable back up for Mitch then Glennon should stay one more year or at least half of it until they can find or draft a decent backup.

The Bears best choice is probably trading him and getting a better guy to back up Mitch if Mitch goes down. Releasing him would be a waste of money better to get something out of nothing than getting nothing from nothing.