Make Golf Great Again

The number of people playing golf has dropped significantly these last couple of years. Golf has hit a depression from stores nationwide going bankrupt to golf courses closing its doors almost daily.  With golfs most popular influence being out of the game a.k.a Tiger Woods lowered the amount of young people wanting to play. There hasn't really been an icon like him to draw in young viewers and still making the game seem a lot more athletic than it really is.  Since Tiger has taken a tumble we have had some young talented golfers like Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, and Dustin Johnson taking turns as being labeled the number one golfer. They can't seem to hold that title like Tiger could as long as he did. Any of these young players have potential but none of them will bring that over the top performance like Tiger did. Not only is the gentlemen game losing interest but so has the popular brand Nike. Nike has also dropped in revenue ever since Rory Mcllroy took Tigers sponsorship while playing golf. 

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

But really, how could it all make sense that just one influence on the game has brought it all down? There really is no other game that is being played that can be compared to golf. Golf has its own significant ways already but how can the PGA attract younger crowds again without a Tiger Woods? Does the PGA add in more stadium seating around a par three just like TPC Scottsdale? Do they let the fans feel more involved and have this more loose of a feeling towards it? For example, previously during one the practice rounds of the Ryder Cup, a fan was heckling one of the players while putting. He shouted "I bet you can't make that put" but before he knew it he was brought up on the green surrounded by hundreds of people now being the one pressured to make the putt that he told one of the players to make. Now, of course he made the putt, he had to but this just goes to show that the crowd loved it and having that loose excitement the players love.