'The Heat too hot to handle'

The Cleveland Cavaliers have seen better days, and Saturday night was not one of them. The 42-19 Cavaliers faced the 29-34 Heat the second time this regular season, and it was pretty much a one sided affair... for the heat that is. Both teams seemed to be fairly even in first quarter as buckets went back and forth. There were a couple of lead changes but nothing to crazy because again it was only the first quarter. But the second quarter is where things heated up as Miami quickly took a 4 point lead and things were pretty history from there as the heat took control of the game with an impressive offensive display. The cavs were really feeling the heats offense in the second half as their deficit grow larger and larger. Cleveland's head coach Tyronn Lue pulled a 'Popovich' as he sat out both Lebron James and Kyrie Irving his best players that day, after the injuries with JR. Smith and most recent Kevin Love who is a major part of the big 3 Tyronn Lue decided that the best thing to do to avoid potential injuries especially during playoffs was to rest 'LBJ' and Kyrie. Though it was a smart decision his team suffered big time as the red hot heat booted the short staffed cavs 120 to 92. Now there was an altercation between some of the players. After the game the heat bench and the cavs bench had some words, in fact JR. Smith had to be held back as he was exchanging some words with the players on the floor. Security had to escort 'Swish' of the court because things were getting out of hand. Still unclear as to why JR. even had words with the heat players because he didn't play that night. These two team facing each again on March 6, and the way things ended on Saturday's game, we're guaranteed a thriller.