2020 MLB Postseason Predictions, in Beer!

2020 Postseason Prediction, in Beer.

The baseball postseason is among us and it will be serving us live baseball all day for the next few weeks. Many people are making their predictions and filling out brackets. For my prediction, I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of just picking teams, I will pick teams and compare them to a beer of some kind. I doubt the comparisons will be accurate but if I’m going to be wildly inaccurate with my predictions anyway, I might as well do it with beer.

American League

The Tampa Bay Rays are like an IPA type of beer. They are unconventional, not traditional, willing to take risks, and seem to be innovative. The extra hops in an IPA can be comparable to extra relievers (which the Rays have) or the interchangeable deep roster (also which the Rays have). I mentioned earlier in the season how the Rays became the best team in baseball, I still have much confidence in the Rays and they look ready to win the World Series.

On the way there, I have the Rays beat the Toronto Blue Jays (insert stereotypical Canadian beer here). Then they will likely play the New York Yankees in a dragged out but competitive series (I would compare the Yankee or their fans to a Heineken type beer, you can smell one from a mile away). It’s hard to say who the Rays would beat in the ALCS but regardless, the IPA beer shall represent the American League.

National League

The National League is a bit more tricky, as anyone can honestly make it out and play in the World Series. To quickly summarize my prediction, let’s look at some notable teams and the beer to associate with them.

Let’s start with the Cubs vs. Marlins Wild Card round. The Marlins have only made the playoff twice in their franchise history and both times they have gone on to win the World Series. They are like a Sour Ale, you rarely see one and they rarely make their presence felt, then again the two times they did were memorable. On the flip side, the Cubs are like a classic Pilsner Beer, they have been around and are a staple for many. I have the classic beer advancing and playing in the NLCS, who might they play?

There are two teams and thus two beers that stand out. The Dodgers, being represented by the generic Light Beer (they are always there and leave many disappointed) and the Padres, being represented by any of the local craft beers of San Diego (they are exciting and a unique blend of young talent and scattered veterans. Between the two, I am inclined to go with the classic Light Beer but I don’t want to be let down again, the Padres pull the upset and advance to the NLCS.

Between the Padres and the Cubs, it would be an exciting series that can go either way. The Cubs have the experience and at this point, you go with what you know (hence choosing a classic Pilsner Beer). The Cubs would win the series and play in the World Series.

Pilsner vs. IPA: Who Wins?

I don’t have a preference in which is better (beer wise). I would say that the Rays are the team to beat in this postseason and would be in the World Series. While they wouldn’t be a fan favorite, the Rays (and the IPA) would control most of the series. I see the Rays winning the World Series in six games and giving the Tampa Bay area their second championship in the span of a month.

It should be an epic MLB postseason with many memorable games. All I can say is to enjoy the games and of course, CHEERS!!