Carolina Panthers Remarkable Record

By adamit2584
Oct. 20, 2016

Yes, that Carolina Panthers have dug themselves into a huge hole at 1-5, but this isn't completely new territory for the Panthers and their players, coaches and fans. The Panthers have been notorious for starting seasons slow, but have also been just at notorious for the remarkable record in November, December and January.

In those three months, the Panthers are a combined 31-11 (.820) since 2011, when Cam Newton and Ron Rivera began their time in Carolina. 

And really, who truly believes the Falcons can keep up this pace for the remainder of the season? Personally I don't.

Will it happen we will see. Just pointing out the Falcons generally fade as the season goes on, while the Carolina Panthers get stronger. So don't count the Panthers out just yet at making the playoffs for the fourth season in a row. Believe in this team, Keep Pounding!