Could Cam Newton Retire Soon?

By adamit2584
Nov. 02, 2016

Crazy headline, right? But the reality is, it could be a possibility, even one that Cam Newton may have already thought about. 

Newton has repeatedly been the target of unfair officiating and not being protected as other QBs are. Newton took another very dangerous hit in Sundays game against the Arizona Cardinals, a hit aimed right at or just below the knees, and hit that by the NFL's own rules is clearly illegal, yet it wasn't called.

This all really started back in week one against the Denver Broncos when Newton took an absolutely lashing, many illegal hits, yet none were called. 

This in return has caused Newton to express his concern for his own safety on the field and also has caused him to lose some of his love for the game as evidenced by his comments that.

 "I don't feel safe out there. I'm not having fun anymore"

I don't know Newton's train of thought, no one does except him, but could this possibly cause him to retire early? Could the blatant disregard for his safety by the NFL and their officials cause Newton to once and for all say enough is enough and just walk away from the game? Personally I don't think so, but you never know and Panthers fans must accept this possibility.