Why Cam Newton's Post-Game Press Conference Actions Aren't Bad

By adamit2584
Oct. 20, 2016

Cam Newton has been greatly scrutinized over the past week, and really even going back to after Super Bowl 50, about the way he handles his post-game press conferences after losses. ESPN even went so far as to make a graphic comparing his post-game media sessions from Super Bowl 50, and after the Week 6 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

I get it, I understand people saying Newton is a poor loser, is "pouty" and childish. I get people saying he should learn to handle losing in a more professional manner, after all he is one of the faces of the NFL and the face of the Carolina Panthers. I get why people say those things about Cam. 

However I completely disagree. Cam Newton isn't a loser, Cam Newton hates to lose, who does? Cam Newton being Cam Newton, walking out on press conferences and all, is the Cam Newton I want to lead my football team. Who wants a player, especially a QB, your leader, to accept losing? After all that's what all this is about, Cam Newton simply doesn't accept losing and isn't OK with talking about losing. He's competitive, he wants to be the best, and he will accept nothing less. Say what you want about Cam, but I am perfectly fine with the way he handles himself, in the good times and the bad.

Cam Newton is Cam Newton, he isn't Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, etc. He is Cam Newton, and he will not accept the concept of failing, no matter what is makes others think of him. And that is why I wouldn't want any other QB to be the QB of the Carolina Panthers.

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