Mavericks' Draft Target Analysis: The Wrap Up

So I've talked about the guards and small forwards that Dallas will be taking a close look at with the 21 pick, but what about big men? Well, there's really only one guy the Mavericks will even consider at 21, so I decided not to write an entire article devoted to him. Montrezl Harrell is the only big man that should be available when Dallas is on the clock that they're going to have any interest in, and honestly that isn't such a bad thing. Harrell is a very capable power forward and has plenty of NBA potential, especially as a backup to THE Dirk Nowitzki. Dallas' two main targets in free agency are going to be LaMarcus Aldridge and Deandre Jordan, which is the main reason they won't be too interested in taking a big man with their first pick. 

No matter who Dallas takes, there are going to be fans that will be upset that they passed on this guy or that guy. In my opinion, if Dallas keeps their pick and uses it on an actual player (as opposed to a draft-and-stash), Mavs fans should be happy. Too many years have gone by that we as Mavs fans have been forced to watch Dallas trade back or out of the first round, but this year should be much different. There are players in this draft that will contribute on NBA teams for years to come from the first pick, all the way down to about the 40th pick, so let's hope the Mavericks can strike gold at 21. 

I have covered all of the main players that Dallas should target with their pick, so what should their realistic draft board look like? This is my personal opinion as I have no idea what the guys in the war room will be thinking on June 25th, but hopefully theirs looks something like mine:

1A) R.J. Hunter (Georgia State University)

2014-15 Stats:  19.7 PPG  :  4.7 RPG  :  3.6 AST  :  2.1 STL  :  1.0 BLK

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

1B) Jerian Grant (University of Notre Dame) 

2014-15 Stats:  16.5 PPG  :  6.7 AST  :  3.0 RPG  :  1.7 STL  :  0.5 BLK

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

2) Tyus Jones (Duke University)

2014-15 Stats:  11.8 PPG  :  5.6 AST  :  3.5 RPG  :  1.5 STL  :  0.1 BLK 

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

3) Delon Wright (University of Utah) 

2014-15 Stats:  14.5 PPG  :  5.1 AST  :  4.9 RPG  :  2.1 STL  :  1.0 BLK

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

4) Montrezl Harrell (University of Louisville)

2014-15 Stats:  15.7 PPG  :  9.2 RPG  :  1.4 AST  :  1.2 BLK  :  0.9 STL

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

5) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (University of Arizona)

2014-15 Stats:  11.2 PPG  :  6.8 RPG  :  1.6 AST  :  1.2 STL  :  0.8 BLK

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

6) Justin Anderson (University of Virginia)

2014-15 Stats:  12.2 PPG  :  4.0 RPG  :  1.7 AST  :  0.7 STL  :  0.5 BLK

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

7) Rashad Vaughn (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) 

2014-15 Stats:  17.8 PPG  :  4.8 RPG  :  1.6 AST  :  0.8 STL  :  0.3 BLK

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

When I say 1A and 1B for R.J. Hunter and Jerian Grant, I mean that both should be on top of the Maverick's wish list for this draft, but if both of them are still available at 21, Dallas should take Hunter. The dream is that all of these players somehow slipped past 20 teams and fell into Dallas' lap but don't count on that. I didn't cover Rashad Vaughn in the guards article, but he is a long shooting guard that can play in the three slot if necessary, and if he is Dallas' last option then they should be in okay shape. If it comes down to Hollis-Jefferson, Anderson, and Vaughn, don't be surprised if Dallas trades the pick for a couple of second rounders, cash considerations, or a few slots back. Harrell, Jones, Grant, and Hunter are all capable of stepping in on day one and contributing to this Dallas team, whether it be as a role player or a starter. If Hunter or Grant are selected, I really believe either of them would step in as starters, leaving Dallas with more room to spend in free agency. Monta Ellis will most likely opt out, which means he won't be back in a Maverick jersey next season, leading to R.J. stepping into his role as the starting two guard. If Dallas can't sneak Patrick Beverley away from Houston or find another point guard we wouldn't expect, then Jerian Grant would most likely start above the likes of Devin Harris or J.J. Barea. This could be the first year since 2003 when Josh Howard was selected, that Dallas could find a real contributor to their team for years to come through the draft.