Tim Duncan really is done playing in the NBA.

It hadn’t hit me yet, as I thought he would make a comeback. But reports from Wednesday are saying that the San Antonio Spurs are retiring Duncan’s number later this year. And chances are this will end any talk of Duncan making a return, because, you know, Duncan is Duncan, and he is not the type of person to make a comeback after his jersey is placed in the rafters.

Speaking about that, the Spurs plan on having a postgame ceremony on Sunday, Dec. 18 (facing the New Orleans Pelicans) to honour Duncan for all that he has done for the team. His number 21 jersey will be raised into the rafters as he joins the likes of Bruce Bowen (12), Sean Elliott (32), George Gervin (44), Avery Johnson (6), Johnny Moore (00), David Robinson (50) and James Silas (13).

Duncan is considered by many to be the greatest Spur to play the game (and one of the best players to play the game). In his 19 year career (all with the Spurs), he won 5 championships, was a 3-time NBA Finals MVP, 15-time NBA All-Star, and 2-time NBA MVP. As well, he is the franchise’s leading scorer with 26496 points (averaged 19.0 points per game).

The game will be at 6 p.m. CST and will be televised on FOX Sports Southwest and the FOX Sports Go app.