Which left handed dunk is the best?

The Oklahoma City Thunder were up 3 with 7 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Their rookie guard, Alex Abrines, was searching for an open player to get the ball to. Russell Westbrook gets free and Abrines makes an inbounds pass to him. Westbrook sees a wide opening down the lane and decides to attack the rim with all his might. As he jumped, the Houston Rockets’ Clint Capela tried to stop him, but Westbrook is so explosive that he leaped past his defender for a vicious left handed dunk.

This dunk was the talk of all the NBA universe last night. As a result, the NBA History Instagram page decided to showcase all the awesome left handed dunks in NBA history. But which one was the best?

Here are all the in game left handed dunks. Let me know which one you think is the most awesome down in the comments:

LeBron James:

Grant Hill:

John Starks:

Robert Horry:

Shaquille O'Neal:

Josh Smith:

LeBron James, again: