Jason Williams, the “White Chocolate,” was the slickest ball handler in the NBA. He made his debut in the 1998-99 season with the Sacramento Kings and ended his career in 2010-11 with the Memphis Grizzlies. During his time in the league, he played for four teams: the Kings, the Grizzlies, the Miami Heat, and the Orlando Magic. In 2005-06, he won a title with the Heat.

But fans started following him way before he became a champion. Williams gained his popularity back when he was with the Kings, when he was just introducing us to what he can do. He would cross up and break ankles, toss no-look and behind the back passes to open shooters, deke out defenders with fake passes, and throw lobs to his teammates. Needless to say, he was very fun to watch. Well, Nov. 18 is his born day, so let’s reminisce all the flashy plays he did during his time in the NBA: