The Premier League will likely not finish its season

European football leagues are seriously concerned over continuing the 2019/2020 season. With the coronavirus pandemic still at the forefront of people's minds around the world, football leagues are concerned with the health of the citizens and not with finished out the campaign.

So far, three top-flight leagues in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands have canceled the remainder of the season and in France and Holland, no sporting events will take place until at least September.

Seeing all of this, it seems that players in England's Premier League are protesting against the English Football Federation in an effort to cancel the remaining matches as well.

If the Federation were to give in to the demands of the players, the 2019/2020 season would be wiped from the record book and everything that happened between August and early March would have been for nothing.

Personally, as a fan of the beautiful game, I want the season finished. Even though Liverpool will be crowned champions - yikes - it seems wrong to make the players play that many matches and have them not count.

Had the season been postponed in say, November, I could see why canceling the season would be okay. But to play for seven months and have none of it count seems unfair to both the clubs and the fans.

Take into consideration that if the Premier League is to be canceled, the teams in the lower leagues would remain where they are and a team like Leeds United who was bound to be moved up to the top flight would have to fight for another season to earn promotion.

I get that there is still concern over the general public's health and well-being, but canceling the season outright seems unfair.