What does acquiring Lebron really mean for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers recently acquired Lebron James from free agency. Last year, the Lakers selected Lonzo Ball with the #2 overall pick in the draft. The Lakers saw a talented player in Ball who could grow into a team leader that they could start to rebuild around. Lonzo needs to get more playing time against better teams and players for the experience and he can grow and mature to be able to lead the Lakers. This was perfect for Lonzo and the Lakers as the Lakers were not really a top team and struggled most of the season, but it was a good learning experience for Ball. The Lakers have this plan, but they completely blow it by bringing in Lebron James. Lebron is one of the most talented players in the league and that takes all the attention off of Lonzo and Lonzo has always been use to all the attention on him with his dad, Lavar, always acting out and creating the Big Baller Brand. With Lebron in the mix Lonzo will not be able to grow to his full potential because Lebron will take over most of the season. As much as bringing in Lebron will help their short term success, it will hurt their long term success in the future.