Potential replacements for Dave Warner at Michigan State

Watching Michigan State football this season, the most harrowing thing to watch is the offensive side of the football. They're only putting up 21.7 points per game, which ranks second to last in the Big Ten - ahead of only Rutgers. They are 12th in rushing yards with 125.6 yards per game, ahead of only Rutgers and Northwestern.

This begs the question - how is this offense so bad? Surely with Brian Lewerke, Cody White, LJ Scott, and Felton Davis (before the injury), they should be one of the best offensive teams in the conference. This is where the playcalling comes into question. Dave Warner has not been a good play caller for the past three years. It's time for Mark Dantonio to find a replacement. Fortunately, I (and I'm sure many other Spartan fans) have a few names in mind.


Don Treadwell

Treadwell has been an offensive coordinator before, calling plays in Dantonio's first three seasons as head coach at Michigan State. He is currently serving as Dantonio's offensive consultant. He knows the offense, he knows how well it can work, if Dantonio does decide to move on from Warner, Treadwell would be a smart hire.

Brad Salem

Michigan State has put a few notable quarterbacks in the NFL over the years. Brad Salem has helped develop some of those guys. He helped develop Kirk Cousins and Connor Cook. His work with Brian Lewerke is evident. When Lewerke went down, Rocky Lombardi stepped in and did a tremendous job. Under Salem, Michigan State quarterbacks have looked incredibly talented. If Salem can coach those guys, he can run an offense. If Dantonio doesn't decide to hire an outside coach, I would endorse Salem.


Warren Ruggiero, Wake Forest

Ruggiero is at the top of my wish list. He has been an offensive coordinator for 26 years at six different schools, and at each school, his impact has been felt. During one of his seasons at Bowling Green, the Falcons finished fourth in total offense in the country, and they were 10th in passing efficiency. Ruggiero could be incredibly helpful for this Spartans team that can't throw the ball very well. When he was at Kansas State, he coach Josh Freeman into a first round pick in the NFL. He also coached Collin Klein, who was a Heisman finalist. Ruggiero would do wonders with this Michigan State offense, and I hope Dantonio gives him a call if he decides to move on from Warner.

Ryan Day, Ohio State

Day is another coach who is great at developing quarterbacks. This also seems like a long shot (as well as a punch in the stomach, considering the offensive attack Ohio State has delivered to Michigan State the past two seasons), because Day's gig at Ohio State is pretty good, and after getting a chance at being a head coach for three games, he'll most likely want to pursue more similar opportunities. However, it can't hurt Dantonio and the Spartans to give him a call and make a generous offer.


PJ Fleck, Minnesota

This is the most outlandish name I can think of, and there is more than likely zero chance this would ever happen, but why not have some fun with it, right? It's been a long, tough season. Fleck's offense at Western Michigan set all time records, including Corey Davis becoming the all-time receiving leader in college football. plus, he's very energetic and charismatic. He's the type of guy to fire up the players and inspire them to play well. It would take a convincing pitch to make Fleck a coordinator again after he's been a head coach for so long, but why not take risks? It's not like this staff ever has.