Hanging in Hong Kong

By crystalanghorne
Oct. 18, 2016

Greetings from China everyone. I had to stop in Hong Kong on the way to get my working visa for China. Some paperwork was incorrect and I got to stay in Hong Kong for about 3 days. I'm not complaining because Hong Kong is a great city and I was happy to explore.

Hong Kong had a New York vibe.  It was very international. Of course there were a lot of Asians but I was surprised to hear so many people speaking English. Compared to other major cities like Paris, Madrid, or Milan, it seemed a bit more suited for foreigners.  

I was excited to go shopping because I enjoy Asians love of fashion, and I'm telling you, Hong Kong had no shortage of designer stores. The first mall (can't remember the name) I went to was so fancy, from Balmain to Cartier, there were so many high end stores. I felt like Zara was the cheapest thing there. It was like the Rainbow store of the mall. (If you never heard of Rainbow, Google it and you'll get my point lol). 

The next day I went to an area called Tsim Sha Tsui. Once again the main strip was lined up with designer shops, but also had stores like H&M, Espirit, etc. The area is also known for its boutiques and that's where I really wanted to go. I'm not sure if I was going to the right spots but I wasn't loving the boutiques, the clothing just didn't look good. When I found one I actually liked, nothing fit. I felt huge and I was annoyed, so I left lol. The best part was the skyline view that I got to check out.

On my last day I went to one of the most popular markets in Hong Kong, the Ladies Market. It's common in a lot of foreign countries they'll have a bazaar/market where you can buy local items and haggle with sellers over prices. (My favorite bazaar is still in Istanbul). I actually love the process of arguing the prices down and not getting ripped off. The only time I don't like it is when unfortunately the seller is desperate because they really need the money. 

I ended up getting some cool things at the Ladies Market. I bought two oriental robes, a cool Michael Jackson t-shirt and a wool, wide brimmed hat for around $35. I bought some other random stuff too, some keychains, a mini shoji screen, and a Rubik's cube lol.  

Hong Kong is an awesome city. The people are so hospitable and the shopping, food, and culture made it a city I was glad to visit. 

*Stefanie Dolson and I linked up and had dinner at this delicious place Ho Lee Fook (pronounced Holy Fuck) I just had to add that in there because of the name lol