Every NHL teams MVP 2016-2017

Anaheim, Corey Perry.  

Last season scored 34 goals, and 28 assists, 62 points. Anaheim has quite a deep top six with Kesler, Getzlaf, Silfverberg, and Perry but Perry is the one that makes the players around him better and his able to lead this team in points, and chances this season.

Arizona, Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

He had 21 goals, 34 assists, 55 points last year and is the best player on this team right now. He is the leader on defence and will have to work hard to keep the puck out of the net, and will have to do a lot to help the young offence score.

Boston, Patrice Bergeron.

Last season had 32 goals, 36 assists, 68 points. Boston is a much weaker team now than they have been in the last couple of years, their top six is not as deep as it used to be and Boston will rely on Bergeron to lead the offence and be a great defensive player as well for them.

Buffalo, Jack Eichel.

24 goals, and 32 assists in his rookie year was a great showing, but this is his chance at a breakout superstar year. Buffalo is on the rise, and has the potential to be a playoff team again in a few years, but for now this team is all Eichel's and he will need to put the team on his back this year, and produce often for them to have a chance in every game.

Calgary, Johnny Gaudreau.

Although he has not signed yet for team it is expected he will. Last year he had 30 goals, and 48 assists, 78 points. Gaudreau will be looking to crack the top 5 in scoring this year, and be one of the best forwards in the league alongside Monahan, and a top defensive team.

Carolina, Justin Faulk.

Last year wasn't an incredible year for Faulk with 16 goals 21 assists, and 37 points. He will be looking to have a big year this year, and be a leader on a fairly young team that is going to be looking to grow, and develop in the next couple of years.

Chicago, Johnathan Toews.

28 goals, and 30 assists, 58 points is a pretty good year in the NHL, but Toews will be looking for better this year as he will want another chance at a cup. He's the leader on this team and one of the best all around centres in the NHL.

Columbus, Sergei Bobrovsky.

Last year Bobrovsky had 13 wins, and 19 losses. He had a 2.75 GAA, and .908 Sv%. He didn't have a great year last year, but he's still a good goalie. He will be relied on heavily on this young team. He's had a great WCOH, and will look to carry that momentum into the season.

Colorado, Nathan Mackinnon.

21 goals, and 31 assists, 52 points last year on a team that didn't achieve everything they wanted will not be good enough for the former 1st overall pick again. Playing on the top line Mackinnon will have to have a great year this year to be an elite player in the NHL.

Dallas, Tyler Seguin.

33 goals, 40 assists, 73 points. Seguin keeps getting better every year, and is showing everyone that he is one of the up and coming centres in the league. As long as he can stay healthy, he should be the key piece to leading this potent offence into the playoffs.

Detroit, Petr Mrazek.

27 wins, and 16 losses last year is a good stepping stone for Mrazek, he also had a .921 Sv% and kept a 2.33 GAA. On a team that has one of the least potent offence in the league, and an aging defence that is getting quite slow, the young goalie will have to have a stellar year for the wings to make the playoffs again.

Edmonton, Connor Mcdavid.

16 goals, 32 assists, 48 points in 45 games last year showed everyone just what Mcdavid can do. Edmonton added some good forwards this off season to help Mcdavid succeed, and on this up and coming team he will be the one thats relied on to make them a great team in the future. 

Florida, Aaron Ekblad.

15 goals, 21 assists, and 36 points last year was a bit of a drop off from his rookie season but Ekblad will be looking to be one of the best defence man in the league this year and will be looking to cement his place in the Norris conversation, and lead his team deep into the playoffs.

Los Angelas, Drew Doughty.

Doughty had a good year last year with 14 goals, and 37 assists, and will look to build off that coming into this year. Quick is no longer one of the best goalies in the league, and likely is not a Vezina candidate anymore, and with an offence that could be slowing down Doughty will be relied on at both ends of the ice to produce for this team.

Minnesota, Zach Parise.

25 goals, 28 assists, and 53 points last year from Parise. We can be sure that he will look to do better this year, and he can defiantly do that on this team. It is one of the most well rounded teams in the NHL, and the captain will look to be a leader, and their best point producer, as they chase a deep playoff run.

Montreal, Carey Price.

Price only played in 12 games last year but won 10 of them. He doesn't have a great backup, so he will need to play a lot of games. He's one of the best goalies in the league, and will need to play like the best this year to bring Montreal back from the collapse they had last year.

Nashville, P.K Subban.

The player traded for Weber will have to prove that he can be the best two way defence man in the league, he will be relied on defence with an aging Pekka Rinne, and will have to be a good point producing d-man on this team. He will want to score more than 6 goals this season for his new team, in this new chapter in his career.

New Jersey, Cory Schneider.

This is why they traded for him at the draft a couple of years ago, so that he could be the MVP of the team, and lead them into the playoffs in the eastern conference. New Jersey has a pretty weak defence, especially with their top 2. Schneider will need to play his best every game to keep the puck out of his net, and give his team a chance every game.

New York Islanders, John Tavares.

Tavares had a good year last season with 33 goals, 37 assists, and 70 points. Like Toews he is one of the best two way centres in the league, and is an excellent leader for this team. They have very average goalies with Griess, and Halak, and have a little bit of a weaker roster, than recent as everyone is it is quite an aging team. Tavares will have to bring up everyones play to keep them a contender in the East.

New York Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist.

Last year Lundqvist had 35 wins, and will want to repeat that this year, the Rangers have a very balanced team, and they will help him get to that point I'm sure. In the tight games that the Rangers will be in this year they're going to need a solid goalie to keep them in the league and will be the one to win them the close games this year, and be the teams most valuable player.

Ottawa, Erik Karlsson.

The Norris trophy winner had 82 points last year with 66 assists. Showing he is one of the best defence man in the league he will want to show that again. The captain will need to be the best player on the team, and lead this team to the playoffs. They have a good top six so Karlsson has a good opportunity to rack up the points again, but he will need to be a great defender as well, and show his value at both ends of the ice.

Philadelphia, Claude Giroux.

Giroux had 67 points last year with 45 assists. He will want to up his goal tally, and lead his team in production, and help make everyone better around him. He is going to have to put in a lot of work to lead this team, and bring them to the playoffs going into this season.

Pittsburgh, Sidney Crosby.

Aslong as Crosby is on the Penguins he will always be the most valuable player on the team, and most times in the entire league. He is one of the best, and showed it last year leading his team to a Stanley Cup, and had 85 points in the regular season. Look for Crosby to come out flying this year, with one of the best teams in the league around him.

San Jose, Joe Pavelski.

Pavelski had 78 points last season, and was efficient at both ends of the ice in the regular season, and the playoffs leading his team to a Stanley Cup final. The captain will want to have just as good a season as last year, if not better. Pavelski holds a huge role in the Sharks chase for their first ever cup.

St. Louis, Vladimir Tarasenko.

St. Louis' defence is stacked, and they should have no real problems in their own end. They lost Backes up front and will now really rely on Tarasenko to be one of the best snipers in the league. If they want to win games they're going to need to score, and their best player up front is Tarasenko, so he will need to lead the team in production upfront to go deep in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay, Steven Stamkos.

Stamkos is coming off a low production year, and he will want to change that for this season. With only 64 points from Stamkos, and injuries of last season Tampa Bay lost out on winning the cup. Stamkos will be as determined as ever on his new contract to be the best centre in the league, and help his team make it back to the cup final, and win it.

Toronto, Frederik Andersen.

Toronto traded for Andersen so that he could be a solid number one there, and they could finally stop worrying about goaltending. His value on this team will be bigger, than Matthews, Marner, Bozak, or any other forward on the team. For Toronto to win games, and stay close, and have a chance this year they will need Andersen to build off a good season last year in Anaheim, and help this team win games.

Vancouver, Ryan Miller.

Miller is still a very good NHL goalie, and will be looking for a bounce back year for himself. The sedins are slowing down, they do not have a great top 6, and they have a pretty young defence core. They really do not have a great team, and many people are expecting them to finish at the bottom of the league, for them to not finish there Miller will have to play like he's in his prime, and win Vancouver some hockey games.

Washington, Alex Ovechkin.

Like Crosby, along as Ovi is on this team he will always be their most valuable player. Missing out on a deep playoff run last year and watching Crosby win another cup should only motivate the captain even more to finally win one of his own. Coming off a 50 goal season expect the same production from Ovi, as he leads the caps on another cup run.

Winnipeg, Blake Wheeler.

Coming off a season with 26 goals, 52 assists, and 78 points Wheeler will look to become a point per game player on a top six that is looking very good with Little, Laine, Wheeler, and Schieffle. Becoming the captain of the team Wheeler will look to be their most productive player at both ends of the ice.