Turning up the heat, the B1G's preseason second team is ready to take over the college football show

With the B1G set to kickoff this weekend – FINALLY – those of us at Sports Talk from Top to Bottom have decided to take our shot at selecting the preseason All-B1G football teams, as well as forecasting how we see the standings playing out.

Next up, we are displaying our All-B1G second team. After combing through last season’s All-B1G postseason football teams, this season’s preseason All-B1G teams, and tons of statistics, we followed our gut in deciding which players fit where. We also kept our eyes and ears open as some of the league’s top returning talent opted out of the season, and then back in.

We aren’t going to go into a lot of detail about why we selected each player where we did. But we would like your input on these teams. If you agree, give us a thumbs up. If not, go on a rant if you’d like, or offer up your own teams. Either way, let’s get the dialogue rolling!